Monday, May 22, 2017

Celebrating Mal’s 35th Birthday

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a lovely weekend! 🙂

Saturday morning started with our usual CrossFit + donuts and iced coffee from Coffee Shack… but the workout was ridiculous this time. Holy quads. I paired up with my friend Marisa and thank goodness that I had her to keep me going. I was struggling at points, but I made it… without dying… just barely. I mean, Karen (150 wallballs) + 50 Squats Cleans? Um, yea, I’m still insanely sore today!

Photo May 20, 10 03 31 AM (1280x1280)

Post-CrossFit, Qman and I hit up Coffee Shack for an iced coffee and donuts.

Photo May 20, 10 36 29 AM (1280x960)

We shared a chocolate frosted one – his favorite!

Photo May 20, 10 39 54 AM (1280x1280)

And then brought home a glazed donut for Dada – his favorite!

Photo May 20, 11 09 59 AM (960x1280)

Back at home, we did a few things around the house to get ready for Mal’s birthday party and then I headed out to Whole Foods to pick up our catering order and a few last-minute items (while Mal put Quinn down for a nap).

Photo May 20, 1 17 57 PM (960x1280)

When I returned home, it was just about party time!

Photo May 20, 2 49 31 PM (1280x960)

Before long, our hometown friends (+ their families) arrived to celebrate Mal’s birthday.

Photo May 20, 4 52 17 PM (1280x960)

There were lots of yard games.

Photo May 20, 3 27 36 PM (1280x960)

Photo May 20, 3 45 38 PM (1280x1280)

And kids!

Photo May 20, 7 07 57 PM (1280x960)

And food! Mal asked for wings, mac & cheese, and Caesar salad for his party menu and that’s exactly what he got! (I like that he kept things simple for me!)

Photo May 20, 4 25 37 PM (1280x960)

And, of course, Mal’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without Funfetti!

Photo May 20, 5 18 58 PM (1280x1280)

These three are my whole world. <3

Photo May 20, 5 16 58 PM (1280x1280)

I love that Quinn eats his cupcakes the same way that I do! 🙂

Photo May 20, 5 21 26 PM (1280x1280)

Once everyone had cupcakes, we played in the yard for awhile more before settling down on the porch. We had a fire and listened to some tunes before saying goodbye to the hometown crew. Mal said he had an awesome time celebrating his birthday, so I’d say his party was a success! 🙂

Photo May 20, 8 01 13 PM (1280x1280)

Question of the Day

Would you rather the frosting or cake or both? 

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