Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother’s Day Eve

Happy, happy “mudders” day to all you moms!! And daughters and grandmoms and friends and spouses of moms. And basically anyone who helps to raise our children — teachers, doctors, coaches, counselors, friends we thank you! After all, it takes a village. I’ll be sharing my Mother’s Day recap tomorrow but first, Mother’s Day Eve, as Mazen called it!

Friday, Mazen was with Matt (making me a special MD treat!) and I worked till the clock struck 6, which meant I had a glass of wine to keep me company for that last hour ; )

The weather here Friday was dreary and wet, so T and I had a pizza and movie night.

Saturday morning I took Mazen to cooking club!! They were having a special Mother’s Day class so the kids could prepare a special meal for their moms. Such a perfect idea! Thomas and I took the opportunity to go out to breakfast Mariebette.

We had an epic breakfast of pastries, baked eggs, and cappuccino!

Afterwards, we ran some errands and I treated myself to a gel manicure new color choice!

We also cleaned out the garage. I should have taken a before pic you couldn’t see the back!

I picked Mazen up, and we played super heroes and ran around the house (well, some of us did ; ) )

I sat down with a glass of this another great wine from the Winc Wine Club! Love the pretty bottle. I think I can say that he loves me, though!

Mazen, bless his heart, tried to give me all of my necklaces for Mother’s Day, which ended up in a huge knot that I spent 30 minutes untangling during bath time.

After baths, it was time to get ready for our special dinner!! Mazen was very excited to be in charge.

We had pasta salad, chopped salad, and homemade bread for our main meal.

Note the insane amount of dressing he poured on his salad. I am happy to report that he ate most of what was on his plate though, veggies included.

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse that was HEAVENLY (hoping they share the recipe!) and fresh strawberries to dip! Mazen served us everything.


After bedtime, Thomas and I watched more Westworld. I am LOVING it! We are on the finale now. What a unique concept for a show! Go watch it! It’s a great show for couples because it’s not too far on either side of the action / romance spectrum. There is a little something for everyone. I also started Big Little Lies (Go HBO!) after finishing the book, and the TV show is awesome! I think what I like most of all is seeing their stunning California mansions.

The end.

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