Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday + Beyond

^^Pre soccer pancake breakfast! Fueling up!

I had an 11 am game yesterday and played another half with the team after us, all in 90-ish degrees. It was super hot, and I ran about 8 miles during the two games. Taking a rest day today! I drank a bottle of water enhanced with Vega Hydration followed by a Hydroflask of ice water, and then came home to enjoy this cold, refreshing smoothie bowl around 2 pm. It included banana, milk, yogurt, frozen berries and Vega Coconut Almond.

My bum foot was on fire and throbbing after all the soccer on a bumpy, poorly kept field, so I iced it in the hammock later that afternoon and again that evening. Not a bad view!

It was such a gorgeous evening that T and I enjoyed cocktail hour on the deck with some cheese and crackers (because I was too hungry to make it to dinner!) and reading material : )

And for dinner we made Blue Apron Spiced Beef Pitas with arugula salad.

We are still working our way through Westworld, although it’s getting quite complicated! (It doesn’t help that I fall asleep every time we watch it – eek!)

This morning I had to roll my foot all over this well-loved Yoga Tune-Up ball before I could get out of bed. I got this years ago, and it’s such a life saver if you have foot problems or pressure points on your back that need a good massage. I keep one in my car too!

For breakfast I am leftover smoothie (I made a ton yesterday) mixed with yogurt and granola on top.

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

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