Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend: Friday + Saturday

^^another cool face!!!

How was your weekend?! We had perfect weather and lots of chill downtime at home.

Friday night T, M and I walked downtown for dinner. We have a new playroom in Cville called Little Planets and they were hosting a drop-off date-night event, so Mazen and Sylvia set up a date there for the evening. The playroom has both open play and drop-off sessions during the day and select evenings. I love that you can drop off for an hour while you run some errands or get a drink for up to 3 hours. The space is beautiful, and Mazen and Sylvia had a great time!

T and I went to Hamilton’s for its people-watching patio. I had the Leese-Fitch Chardonnay and we shared the shrimp and grits and the crabcakes. Both were sooo good!!

This is how I wake up every morning – lots of snuggling!

We didn’t have much time for breakfast because we had to get to soccer by 9, so I had an oatmeal bar and a Siggi’s to get me going.

The shirt dress!!

After soccer we came home and played around the house all day. We started with arts & crafts.

Coloring sure is relaxing!

We followed that by Play-doh fun. This one is black glitter, and we have a birthday cake one too with colorful “sprinkles.”

I had a big salad with roasted veggies and cheese for lunch –

Mazen went over to the neighbors to play for a bit, and I spent some time staring at my living room shelves and trying to edit them a bit. I also moved the appliances out from under the gray piece in the kitchen because they were getting a little too much dog hair on them! I put two baskets there instead (that now store dog items and shoes) and put vintage boxes on the living room shelves where the baskets were. Musical baskets!

Look at my rose bush!!

We have a new hydrangea plant that needs to find a spot this weekend : )

My friend Emily came over to hang out for a while, and we made late-afternoon cocktails with kombucha, lemon, bourbon and rosé! (My new favorite shorts.)

Mazen decided to do some “work” in the office. He had the news on and everything!

The boys went to the garden shop for tomato plants, and I had 45 minutes to read a magazine and snooze. Epic! (Cottages and Bungalows is one of my favorites.)

For dinner we made this recipe and I opened this wine. One thing I love about Winc are the great labels! They make great party gifts. You can let the company send you your monthly bottles or you can pick them out yourself (and add more) and I always get the ones with great labels like this one or the #TBT series.

We spent the evening sitting on the deck star gazing (and some of us were watching hockey through the windows…) We had a slight breeze in the air, and if I closed my eyes it felt like I was on the deck of a beach house. The ocean is callllllling!

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