Thursday, May 11, 2017

Work + Playgrounds

Hey, hey! Happy Friday, friends!

I’m so glad that the weekend is just about here. We actually have another family sleepover planned for the weekend – this time with cousin Matthew (Qman is obsessed with him!) as well as my sister, brother-in-law, and niece. Having the whole family sleepover is such a great way to spend more than a few hours together because (I’m sure the parents can relate) it’s difficult to coordinate nap and bedtimes, so we just make them part of our visit. Family sleepovers are the best! 🙂 Anyway… here’s a little day in the life recap from earlier this week.

My morning started with rice cakes, nut butter (peanut butter on one, almond butter on the other), and banana slices, which is definitely a go-to for me on the LEAP diet. Related: I actually had a call with Kelli on Wednesday, and she gave me the green light for introducing some new foods, so I’m excited to add a little more variety to me diet!

After that, I took Murphy for a walk while Mal was still home and able to keep an eye on Qman. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I really enjoy our walks together. I love the quiet time and fresh air – it’s such a nice way to start the day. (Our early-morning walks in the dead of winter, however, are quite a different story! OMGGGG, Murphy, hurry up and pee! Haha!)

When we returned, it was time for coffee. Well, sort of. I’m still not gung-ho about it, but I have cravings for the habit every now and then. If I buy coffee nowadays, I always order it decaf and often order a small or only drink half of a medium and save the rest for later. Pro-tip: Remove all of the ice before saving (so it doesn’t get watered down) and then just add fresh ice when you’re ready to drink it. Good as new!

Shortly after that, I get Quinn ready for school. Before we’re ready to leave, he takes his bike for a few laps of the house.

I drop Quinn at daycare and then drive straight to Coffee Shack to buy (thank you) donuts for the owners of Salt Shack CrossFit. Details below.

Kerrie joins me for class, and it’s fun to work out together like old times. She beats me in the WOD by a solid two minutes, but I definitely pushed myself harder than I normally would, just trying to keep up with her, so it was just what I needed!

After the workout, I refuel with a protein shake and then Kerrie and I stay after class to chat about Designed to Fit with the owners. They love the donuts! 🙂

Then, I head to a friend’s house (she lives right near Salt Shack) to chat about meal plans. She buys one! 🙂

The morning ends up getting away from me, so instead of going home and showering (I know, I’m gross), I head right to the (unofficial) Designed to Fit office to meet Kerrie.

We’re all business for a bit, but then I’m suddenly starving, so I sneak over to Whole Foods to grab lunch.

After that, it’s back to work. (We had a zillion meetings and calls this past week!)

I’m suppose to meet Mal to do some window shopping for Quinn’s birthday, so I pack up my things and then head back to Whole Foods. I’m hungry again, and I want to stock up on some chicken breast that’s on sale. While there, I stumble upon Jubali almond milk, which is made from JUST almonds and water. Somehow, I manage to ignore the fact that it’s $11.99. Yikes.

I also grab an RXBAR and eat it while driving to meet Mal.

Mal and I check out a few different places that sell swing sets because a special little guy is turning 3 in just a few weeks. And, MY GOSH, they are expensive. Buying a new swing set is truly an investment! I hope Qman uses it for the next 10 years!

After that, we drive to daycare to pick up Qman. There’s a book sale going on, so we stop to buy a fun dinosaur counting one before we leave.

Then, we all head home, eat dinner, hang out for a bit, and go to bed.

The end.

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