Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Breath Of Fresh Air


Good morning! We had banana pancakes with a drizzle of hickory maple syrup for breakfast today. And, as always, some good freshly roasted local coffee! Thomas has turned me into such a coffee lover. One cup is all I am allowed though if I start to dip just one sip above that I get the caffeine jitters!


Isn’t it amazing what fresh air can do? Sometimes I will be going a little crazy at my desk, unable to focus, and I’ll take Gus for a walk. I have never once regretted this walk! I used to walk every day on my lunch break when I worked in an office, and I needed that outdoor time to balance the stale office air. I feel better from top to bottom and feel my worries melt away when I breathe in fresh air, even if just for a short time.


Speaking of ways to de-stress, I recently had the chance to do a virtual consultation with Harvey, a holistic and integrative medicine company that offers web and phone-based consultations with Naturopathic Doctors (NDs). Lab testing is done in-home, and the doctors aim to use principles of prevention, holistic health and integrative medicine to treat any concerns.


I met with Dr. Amanda Frick, ND, and had a wonderful experience. Because this was a review for the blog, I didn’t have a particular ailment that I had scheduled an appointment for, but we went over all of my lifestyle and health history to determine if there was anything I had overlooked that could be off. I mentioned occasional night sweats and low energy from 3-5pm, and so I ended up taking the Adrenals Test, which was a saliva test I did at home. The test had me spit into tubes at four specific times throughout the day. The packaging was all very lovely too.


My results came back and it turns out that my cortisol levels were just a bit low! I was surprised but also not surprised at the same time, as I had a more-stress-than-usual month preceding the test. Dr. Frick was the most “people person” doctor I have ever used in terms of explaining the complicated role of cortisol in a clear way. She prescribed HPA Adapt, an adrenal supporting blend of five adaptogenic herbs, which I am giving a try for a month or two.

If you’ve wanted to see an integrative health doctor and haven’t been able to connect with one in your area, Harvey is a great way to gain access. They work with patients on a wide range of small and complex health issues, from digestive to immune to hormones and more. You can use the code KATH to get $25 off of your first visit.

Thanks to Harvey for sponsoring this post segment.

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