Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Photos from Quinn’s Camera III

Good morning!

Our little photographer is still snapping away on his camera! And my first couple of blog posts featuring Quinn’s photos were such a big hit with you guys, I decided to share another batch. Qman regularly uses my old point-and-shoot camera to take photos, so here are the in-focus ones that give a little insight into his life as a 3 year old. I hope you enjoy them!

IMG_0663 (1280x720)

IMG_0677 (1280x720)

IMG_0682 (1280x720)

IMG_0690 (1280x720)

IMG_0695 (1280x720)

IMG_0701 (1280x720)

IMG_0711 (1280x720)

IMG_0721 (1280x720)

IMG_0722 (1280x720)

IMG_0728 (1280x720)

IMG_0726 (1280x720)

Mal took the last photo, but I figured I’d include it since it was on Qman’s camera! 🙂

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