Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Poke Mon

Sorry, that title is quite the stretch!!

We had these Tuna Poke Bowls from the Cook Smarts recipe collection last night and they were SO GOOD!

I think they are pronounced “poo-key,” right? Or poke as in “poke your eye out”? Someone please confirm because my Google search led me to both pronunciations!

Nevertheless, they were awesome.They have layers of tuna, jasmine rice, avocado, cucumber, edamame, massaged kale, and a sriracha sauce. We ended up searing the tuna in a skillet so it was cooked on the outside and slightly rare on the inside. I was nervous about eating raw fish at home. But it was still 100% delicious. The sauce on top was the best part! And I loved the generous amount of massaged kale involved.

Also – HOLLA to prep day! This meal came together in 10 minutes thanks to my rice cooker and prep!

Plus it was so good I had it again for lunch today :  ) (I added a little Greek yogurt too this time!)

This morning I had another appointment with Dr. Getty at Airrosti for my foot. Shout out to the blog reader who paid him a visit after my first mention! Haaaaay! Dr. G did more painful-yet-progressive things to my foot, and I think we are making progress towards better mobility and hopefully less stiffness and pain in the long run.

After that I went to the gym – strength class – for the first time in …..ohhhh….3 weeks. Chris is actually out injured, so Erin taught the class. She did a different strength move nearly every minute, and we didn’t repeat a thing. I loved the variety!

I have settled in back at home to work for a bit before going to get Mazen and heading to the country for a fun afternoon playdate!

TTYL : )

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