Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Fun & My New Favorite Pool Bag

^^What is Mazen’s tongue doing here!?!

Here’s a little peek into our lives from yesterday : )

I had overnight oats made with cinnamon and blueberries for breakfast. Blueberries are so darn good right now!

I took Mazey to camp, which is a half day this week. I worked on a Quaker recipe post for August (a tropical smoothie bowl that I can’t wait to share!) all morning.

For lunch, Thomas surprised us with smoked salmon bagels from Bodos!

I picked Mazen up after lunch and we went swimming at the Waterpark.

And let me tell you about my new pool bag!

My mom has a Scout bag as her beach bag and had me eyeing them while we were on Bald Head. These bags are all the rage on the island, but they were out of the largest version with all the pockets that I wanted in the shop there, so I had to order mine on Amazon when I got home. It’s the Scout – The BJ bag, and it’s been so great to tote to the pool.

In addition to the large main pocket, it has two looser pockets on the front and two tighter pockets on the back. I keep our sunscreens on one side and goggles on the other, so they are all easy to reach.

The main area easily fits 2-3 towels, snacks, pool toys and water bottles. There’s a tiny zip pocket for things that need safe keeping, and I love that the whole top can zip closed too.

I love that the back pockets are tighter, so things don’t slide out. I keep my Kindle and phone tucked in these! (Kindle case is also from Amazon!)

These bags are lightweight, durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. And they come in lots of colors and patterns! I am a huge fan. 

I went to get the bag out of my trunk and Gussie hopped in! And then he wouldn’t get out. He definitely wanted to go for a ride. Mazen and I were cracking up at him!

We had this dinner of roasted potatoes, lemon-garlic asparagus, and shrimp. Greek yogurt for potato dipping!

Do you have a pool bag that you love? I have always loved bags with lots of pockets : )

And for real this time, HAPPY WEEKEND!

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