Monday, July 17, 2017

The Great Camp Out

I can’t remember the last time I spent the night in a tent. I think I was in high school! I know that’s a shocker to those of you who love sleeping under the stars, but I am not much of an outdoorsy girl! I love to be outside during the day and go hiking, swimming and beaching, but when the sun sets, please keep me away from the bugs and night creatures! (Also: bathrooms, please.) However, I wanted to test the waters with Mazen a bit because I think camping could be a really fun family activity for him, so we set up a huge tent in Sarah’s back yard and spent the night listening to cicadas.

Instead of a lake or river, we had a pool #glamping : )

And the only creature in sight was this big guy!

After swimming for a bit we got the kids in their jammies and had a nice dinner outside.

Deviled eggs, shrimp skewers, zucchini, and baked potato wedges.

And bug spray!

We set up the Struckmann’s tent, which is epic in size. I think one reason I haven’t loved camping in the past is my old tent was just a little two-person guy, and I am a bit claustrophobic.

But this tent was grand! (I believe this is the one they have. It was also much easier to set up than my old 1995 tent, despite its size!)

After that, John lit up the bonfire, and we enjoyed s’mores for dessert! Couldn’t do it any other way.

Mazen and Sylvia went to sleep at around 10pm, and we followed a bit later. Just Thomas and I stayed in the tent with the littles.

I fell asleep initially, but only lightly, and both Thomas and I barely slept the whole the night. We had insomnia and tossed and turned from 12-3 until we finally dozed off at around 3:30am, I think. I just couldn’t turn my ears off! There were so many noises, and Gus ended up barking at some point. The kids were up at 6am, so I got about three hours of sleep. Not the best report to my first adult camping night! I hate to use white noise when the cicadas are so beautiful, but next time I need to not be able to hear all the bumps in the night. (I always sleep with a fan on at home for the same reason.) The good news is that Sylvia and Mazen slept all night and had a great time!

Despite the rough night, the morning was beautiful. I loved the fresh air and this view:

Sarah made us breakfast  quiche from Mazen’s Supper Camp, bacon, and waffles with Nutella (a kid treat that the grown-ups jumped onto!)

Tell me all of your camping advice!!!

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