Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Amazing Maze Mazen

Guess who is now into mazes?!?! I’ve been waiting his whole life for this day. And also to take him to an Amazing Maize Maze (a corn maze) in the fall. I hope to take him to Liberty Mills Farm this fall. Don’t you think he needs a shirt that says “My Name Is Maze” when he goes?!

I remember loving workbooks when I was little. My mom bought Mazen these two maze books and I bought him this basic addition and subtraction one. He has picked up on math quickly (using his fingers to count) so I thought trying some picture math might be a good start. I think he’s probably still a little young for the written version, but I’m going to see he might get it right away!

Here’s some math for you: 1 Kohr brothers ice cream + 1 little boy = 2 happy faces.

And here’s an oatmeal maze for you: start at the almond butter and see if you can find the bottom of the bowl? Watch out for the blueberries!!

Have you ever done a corn maze?

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