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What I’m Loving Lately 91

Hi, guys! Good morning! How are things?

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday – and, whoa, August 3rd! This summer is seriously flyyyyyying by! Earlier this week, we took a trip to Cape Cod. We spent a couple of nights at our friends’ house and had so much fun with them. Our boys are just over a year apart and get along really well, so it was nice/hilarious to see them play together. Plus, the adults have a lot in common and we all just had a blast together!

Since it’s just about Friday, it’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately where I share what I’m especially loving this week. I have quite the round-up with a few details about my next new endeavor, which is balancing my hormones. Oy. They’ve been messed up for such a long time. Read on for details + what I’m loving this week! 🙂

Train Like a Pro –  I was recently selected to compete in the Massage Envy “Train Like a Pro Challenge.” Over the next few weeks, I’ll be using their all new Total Body Stretch to increase my flexibility, mobility and performance, and, hopefully, keep my muscle imbalances in check. (I have scoliosis and related annoying injuries.) I want to train for a half marathon this fall, so my goal is to be able to run for 90 minutes without injury before I commit. Keep an eye out for more updates. In the meantime, please VOTE FOR ME over on the Train Like a Pro website. It only takes 2 seconds! TIA! 🙂

Ok, so that hormone stuff… my hormones have been messed up ever since Qman was born. I tried to let them do their thing and balance themselves – I even worked with an RD for awhile to try to fix them – but I eventually got so frustrated, I went back on the pill. Since the fall, I’ve tried 3 different pills, all with their own crazy side effects, and I’m finally over it.

Kelli is one of our Registered Dietitian coaches at Designed to Fit Nutrition and a number of her clients have had success with her seed cycling protocol and their hormones, so she’s working with me again to help balance mine. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on hormones lately and highly recommend WomanCode and The Hormone Cure. Both books provide helpful diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, which I’m taking into account along with Kelli’s suggestions. I’ll be sure to update you guys in a few weeks with how things are going.

woman code hormones

I’m Not Letting Ulcerative Colits Slow Me Down – I’m so honored to be featured on Everyday Health!

Reebok CrossFit Grace – I’m a die-hard Reebok lover, but I just could not get behind their Nano 7. They just weren’t fun to CrossFit in. I actually went back to wearing my Nano 6s for awhile, but then they started to fall apart, so it was time to try the Graces, and they’re awesome! They’re super comfy, supportive, but flexible, and FUN to CrossFit in! 🙂


The Silent Marriage Killer More Deadly Than Sex & Money – Loved this article. It has definitely made me think twice about my expectations, especially when Mal is annoying me for no real reason. Haha!

Tega Skyhook Magnetic Wooden Blocks – These blocks are SO COOL! Quinn plays with them all the time – we actually might buy him another set! And the proceeds go to a good cause!

Best “Shitty” Choice – This is a DTFN video series where we pick the best of the worst when dining/eating out. Linked to this post is our most recent video from Dairy Queen, but you can watch the rest of them on our Facebook page!

Banza Mac & Cheese – I know I already blogged about Banza, but we’re obsessed with it in our house. Qman likes it, and I’ll often add ground chicken or turkey along with some veggies to it for a meal that Mal will eat too. It’s basically the only time all three of us eat the same meal, so it’s a winner with the Hauperts!

banza mac & cheese

Cord organizer – Our “technology” drawer was getting out of control, so we bought this cord organizer to keep things nice and neat. It’s been awesome so far!

Question of the Day

Ever had to deal with wacky hormones? Any advice for me?

P.S. Last chance to enter my thredUP giveaway to win a $250 shopping spree. I’ll pick a winner on Monday morning!

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