Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Family Fun at the Buttonwood Park Zoo

Once again, I’m so glad to have the opportunity to partner with Fidelity & MEFA in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. I’ve worked with the brand since Quinn was born and appreciate the relationship since they’re such a wonderful supporter of helping all kinds of families learn more about saving for college. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since partnering with Fidelity & MEFA nearly 3 years ago, our family has attended a number of events as part of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. These events help parents like us learn more about saving for our children’s future. We had so much fun at the Easton Children’s Museum and even more at “Boo at the Zoo” at the Franklin Park Zoo, we were all about visiting Buttonwood Park Zoo. Qman loves animals (right now he’s really into “cats”), so he was pumped to visit. He even wore his binoculars!

We all hopped in the car, and, about an hour later, we arrived at Buttonwood Park Zoo.

Qman loved checking out all of the different animals at the park, especially the Cougar and Bobcats. He even meowed at them! Haha! The otters were a big hit too. Qman said in his “tiny” voice: “They’re soooo cute.”

While walking through the zoo, I spotted a Buttonwood Farm sign that I thought would make a nice background for a family photo. Before I even stopped to ask someone to snap our photo, a women offered to do it. She even tried to make Quinn laugh, but he was not into it. His face is priceless – I swear, he had a fun time at the zoo! Haha! 🙂

After that, we headed over to the U.Fund Dreams Tour Tent to have some fun and chat with the representatives. (FYI: There are a bunch of U.Fund events on the calendar for 2017, including ones at Wachusett Mountain, Topsfield Fair, Stone Zoo, and more. Be sure to check them out!) Quinn is growing up so fast (HOW is he already three?!), and we know college will be here before we know it, so I’m glad that we’re starting to plan now. With the cost of college increasing more and more every year, we want Qman to have as many doors open to him as possible.

The U.Fund Dream Tour event had all sorts of interactive games to plan, including launching mini stuffed sheep into outer space. Qman was a pro and got all of them to stick!

I mean, he’s had some practice over the years! 🙂 The photo on the right of tiny Quinn catapulting sheep kills me!

And, for doing such a good job, Qman won a brand new astronaut bookmark!

The event also had a neat interactive photo booth where you could make a fun GIF and take the snapshots home with you.

Mal was a teacher, Qman was an architect, and I was a scientist! 🙂

After visiting the U.Fund event, we all took a ride on the carousal, which Qman loved. He had the biggest smile on his face the entire time!

We had such a wonderful time at the zoo, and Mal and I really appreciated having the chance to learn more about saving for Quinn’s college education. We talked on the drive home and brainstormed a few more ways to add even more funds to his savings account (i.e. credit card rebate checks, online shopping rewards).

Question of the Day

Are you saving for your little one’s future? Do you have special accounts opened? What is working best for you? 

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