Friday, September 8, 2017

New Finds!

I love to share new finds that I am digging, and I love it when you guys share them with me!

Here are a few new things worth sharing.

A handful of you shared this maze shirt with me after my maze post and, of course, Mazen had to have it! I ordered it online ASAP in fear that they would be sold out in our Target, and while I was at I thought I’d see if there were any shorts on sale. (Somehow Mazen had only three pairs of shorts in his drawer – two households can get messy!)

I found these two pairs from Cat & Jack. Have you heard of that line? Their stuff is super cute. I am obsessed with chambray and textured navy, so these were both must-haves too. They are on the big size, so I think they will fit him next year too. I bought Mazen some pants too (loving all the boys’ joggers), but I think they are all too big for this year! …And this kitchen soap dispenser popped into my cart too. I love the modern gray!

For me, I needed some new PJ shorts, and these are my very favorite ones from GAP. They go on sale all the time, especially when GAP has those killer 40% off days. Love the lobsters! And the pineapple pants are so comfortable. It’s hard for me to find PJ pants that are loose in the leg and not too long, and these are perfect.

Remember how I wrote about my Mahabis slippers a while back? I have some feedback on them.

I ended up getting the summer “breathable” ones with some referral credits and I am back to report that I much prefer the winter style. The gray classic ones are totally awesome, but something about the navy summer pair just isn’t as perfect. I think they are actually a bit narrower and therefore feel tighter on my feet? I got my winter ones out last week and couldn’t believe how different they felt. Mahabis are still the best slippers ever, but I’d stick to the winter ones if you are trying them out.

Also, I don’t love the rubber soles. They are designed to slip on so you can go outside, but they aren’t all that easy to slip on with the snap at the back! It’s easier and quicker for me to switch into outside slip-on shoes than it is to add the sole. I also found soles to be a bit wobbly and loose, and tripped over them a few times, so I love the slippers for inside use only. A shame since the soles add that pop of color!


My friend Katherine works with Rodan + Fields and gave me a tube of their Lash Boost to give my lashes some love before the wedding. I’ve been using it for two months now, and I can confirm that my lashes ARE thicker and longer! Of course, it’s hard to tell, but I noticed a jump right after starting to use it and then not much changed for a while. I left it at home accidentally when I went to the beach and went about two weeks without using it, but when I started using it again, I noticed yet another big jump! It’s almost like my lashes have a feast or famine period before they grow. Or maybe, like a growing child, you only notice every now and then. I can tell they are longer most obviously when I put on mascara.

Katherine is offering any of you who would like to try it 10% off! Just email her for details:

(Let me tell you – trying to take a selfie of your lashes is impossible. I think this was take 25?!)

Thomas and I started watching and loving the Netflix show Ozark! Warning: the opening episode had me feeling totally anxious, but the series is really good! I haven’t seen Breaking Bad, but I’ve heard it’s similar. It follows a family to the Ozarks after the dad gets involved in money laundering and drugs. It’s a bit dark, but I just love Jason Bateman, and the characters are great. Check it out, and be sure to get to episode 3 before giving up. Also: we just watched the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, and I thought it was the last episode of the ENTIRE SERIES! Imagine my surprise when it was over and I googled to find out there is a season 8. D’OH! Nevertheless, I am glad there is more. Season 7 was great!

Also on the beauty front: do you guys know about soccer pre-wrap? It is the ultimate sports headband! Here are all the reasons why it’s great:

  1. It’s cheap.
  2. You can cut your headbands to size.
  3. You can re-use headbands for weeks.
  4. It’s sticky, so it doesn’t slip.
  5. You can spread it out wide or make it thin.
  6. It comes in a lot of really fun colors.

This stuff was designed to go under an injury wrap, but tons of really cool soccer players use it for headbands. I bought my rainbow rolls on Amazon in 2014 and still have half of them left! I wear a headband in every workout.


That’s a WRAP!

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