Friday, September 29, 2017

Our First Date

This past weekend Thomas and I decided to re-live our first and second dates.

We decided to meet up for drinks at the C&O bar. He got there first and was wearing a blue pin stripe button down (still my favorite shirt of his!) and jeans. I had on skinny jeans, Tom’s boots, and a black Stitch Fix blouse! I walked there, so I was a few minutes late, and when I spotted him I said, “You look like the guy I’m supposed to be meeting!” We were both smitten from the start, and I don’t remember how long we talked. He gave me a ride home in his truck and said he couldn’t wait for the next one.

So, the C&O bar is so special to us! It’s romantic and rustic and tucked into the basement of one of Cville’s finest dining establishments.

Dinner is served…

You can order the dinner menu down there, so it’s a great way to enjoy the menu in a more casual setting.

This past weekend we had the tuna, which was melt-in-your-mouth good, and duck gnocchi to start!

My entrée was rockfish over grits with micro greens and pesto, plus roasted corn to share!

Our first date was on a Tuesday, and I invited T over that Friday night for a fire pit and s’mores. He arrived looking handsome and ready to build a fire! We talked by the fire for hours, about soccer, iPhones, music, and growing up in Charlottesville.

So, last Saturday night we reenacted the fire pit night with Mazen.

Mazen LOVES fire pit nights, and he likes to take charge of the tasks. He wore Thomas’s headlamp and gave us all instructions on how to get things set up.

I was in charge of the s’mores!

Sparklers are always involved too.

Turned out I had chocolate all over my face when we went back inside!

Our third date was a meet-up at T’s house to watch the very first Game Of Thrones episode. And then the rest, as they say, is history. We both admitted we were waiting for red flags, but as time went on, they never appeared. Everything about our relationship has felt so natural and easy-going from the start.

I think this was our first photo taken together, a few weeks later when I was T’s date to a friend’s wedding.

It’s hard to believe our own is coming up so fast. I didn’t share so many pictures from our first few seasons together, but here’s a bunch!

We couldn’t be happier! <3

Have a great weekend, friends!

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