Friday, September 22, 2017

Wedding Planning IV

We are in the final stretch of wedding planning, friends!

Things like “write vows” and “practice dancing” remain on our to-do list 🙂 We have crossed off so many other things!

One thing was finding an outfit for Mazen.

I ended up returning the suit I bought for him on Amazon because he hated the pants. Instead, we took the navy blazer + khakis route – and he likes it!

We found a blazer at Belk that fit along with a cute blue shirt, bow tie, and khaki pants.

My BFF Lauren hemmed the pants for us, which was such a lifesaver!

His little bow tie complements the groomsmen’s ties well too. I bought him a new (clean!) pair of Tommy Hilfiger brown loafers from Zappos. (Not pictured!) Thomas said his gray Sperry’s were too dirty to wear! 😉

We decided on our menu!

It is going to be served family style, and cake flavors… a vanilla layer for her and a chocolate layer for him!

Hers is vanilla bean, passionfruit curd, vanilla cake, with berries, and frosting. His is chocolate cake, vanilla custard, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. #oppositesattract

I love the look of textured frosting, so we requested that, plus flowers for our design. I bought a wood slice, but it looks small to me, so we might have to nix it at the last minute. I can’t wait to see (and taste!) it.

Our marriage license has been procured!

Custom napkins have arrived!

I ordered a set of coordinating patterns from Dot and Army, the same company who did my sister’s wedding napkins. I love them, and I’m excited to keep using them for the years to come!

And finally, I want to share this great marriage e-book I read!

It’s called The Marriage Manifesto and has some really great advice. It’s also short, so you can read it in a matter of hours (or less). You might even be able to convince your partner to read it too. It’s written by Kelly Flanagan, PhD, who also has a website full of good advice

This is the part of the book that I really loved:

In marriage, losing is letting go of the need to fix everything for your partner, listening to their darkest parts with a heartache rather than a solution.

It’s being even more present in the painful moments than in the good times.

It’s finding ways to be humble and open, even when everything in you says that you’re right and they are wrong.

It’s doing what is right and good for your spouse, even when big things need to be sacrificed, like a job, or a relationship, or an ego.

It is forgiveness, quickly and voluntarily.

It is eliminating anything from your life—even the things you love—if they are keeping you from attending, caring, and serving.

It is seeking peace by accepting the healthy but crazy-making things about your partner because, you remember, those were the things you fell in love with in the first place.

– A Marriage Rebellion from The Marriage Manifesto by Kelly Flanagan, PhD

Question for all of you: What was the best marriage advice you ever received?

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