Thursday, September 28, 2017

When Bloggers Come To Town

(Sung to the tune of “When country comes to town!”)

On Tuesday I took the train up to Washington, DC, for a special dinner with Dietz and Watson. I’ll be sharing more about the dinner in a week or so, but I wanted to recap the rest of my visit with Anne! We spent a lot of time weighing options for accommodation for the night, from sleeping on her couch to going to a Kimpton hotel. There was a conference going on that had all hotels at $700+ so we found a simple little basement Airbnb in the U Street area to crash for the night – close to the restaurant and close to Sweatbox, where we went for an early morning workout. I gave Anne the bedroom and took the futon for the night. It wasn’t glamorous, but it worked!

I LOVE Amtrak! My train arrived around noon and I spent the afternoon working in the Airbnb before needing some fresh air and sunshine.

I made my way to Meridian Park and walk/ran around for 3-ish miles, taking running breaks to chat with my mom and sister. My legs were still really tired from soccer, so I didn’t want to push it. I did have fun running up these stairs a few times!

Back at the apartment, I showered and put on my best face!

When bloggers come to town, you help each other take pictures! 😉

We walked to dinner and had a glorious time at Kapanos. I’ll share the what and why soon!

When bloggers come to town, they make you get up before sunrise to exercise!

Anne had an invitation to try out Sweatbox and brought me along. We were staying just a block away, so at least we didn’t have a commute! Anne’s friend Chelsea and fellow-blogger joined us as well!

The class was cool because the studio was dark and the lights gave the room a club effect. I love workout classes in the dark, especially first thing in the morning! We wore MyZone heart rate monitors (we have these at my home gym too!) and used a mounted computer screen plus the light-up bike to motivate us to push into the highest zones. Only about 25% of the class was on the bike, and the rest was done in “boxes” where we had TRX, weights, and room for plyo and planks.

I enjoyed the workout, the class style, and the data! It wasn’t one of my biggest burns because we did a lot of weights, but by the end of it I felt like I got a great total body workout. The instructor, Mark, was great too! Super helpful and nice to us newbies.

When bloggers come to town you have to take them to the best eats!

After quick showers, Anne and I headed to brunch. We walked to Slipstream, which was a cool cafe with coffee, light bites, and cocktails (for the later hours of the day, lol.)

The coffee was INCREDIBLE! Mine tasted like caramel (even with no sugar!)

We each had our eye on loaded toast.

Anne had avocado and whipped goats cheese with egg, and I had smoked salmon with greens, egg, and a potato hash that was too oniony to really enjoy. (I asked if there were onions involved and was told no, but didn’t want to send it back.)

When bloggers come to town, it’s always fun to compare notes, especially when you have twin posts!

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