Friday, October 20, 2017

Wedding: Eat Cake & Dance

All of our photos were taken by Sarah Cramer Shields of Cramer Photo. Follow her online and on Instagram!

After dinner we had cake! The Clifton Inn’s pastry chef made our cake and designed the textured frosting look, and our florist decorated it with the flowers. I had hoped to use the wood slice I bought as the base, but when it arrived I knew it would be too small, so it held the servers instead!

There were two flavors: vanilla with passionfruit curd and vanilla custard and chocolate with ganache. I tried both and they were both fab!

We went right into our first dance to You Are The Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne. The lyrics fit us so perfectly.

We did the father + daughter and mother + son dance to Kokomo by the Beach Boys! Thomas and his mom stole the show with their dolphin impressions!

And finally, Mazen and I had a special dance to One Direction’s Infinity, which we love to dance to at home.

Thomas LOVES to dance at weddings, and so having a good DJ was very important to him. We used John Garland of Garland Studios, and I honestly thought he was the best DJ I’ve ever danced to! That’s probably because he played so many of our favorite requests – every single song was a hit.

I told him he rocks.

A highlights for me was dancing to Can’t Stop The Feeling and Despacito! 

Gaby and Brandon know how to dance as well!

I also loved when Thomas did his Justin Timberlake impression and hiked up his pants to match the cropped black pants JT wore during the Cville concert. LOL!

I promise you I was not doing the Y M C A!

Sweet Mazen was so tired by the end of the night that he just wanted his mama’s arms. I love this picture.

When the dancing was over, we ended the night with a sparkler exit.

Guess who rallied for the sparklers?!

I said to Thomas the week after: I am so sad it’s over.

His response: It has just begun.

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