Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Go Green For The Holidays {Tips For Making This Your Healthiest Thanksgiving Yet!}

It’s getting colder here in Virginia, and Thanksgiving and holidays are just around the corner! (Wait, really? Yes, really.)

I’ve written about balance and the focus of choosing activities that make you feel good all of the time. When it comes to food, that can mean different things for everyone. Potlucks, family gatherings and work events all happen around this time of the year, so balance can fall to the wayside – especially in the food realm. As you know my food philosophy focuses on eating real food, rather than following any particular diet. I do love my veggies, though, and find them to be an important part of balancing my meals.

To help keep us on track I am sharing some ideas to find balance this season – all with greeeeens! Here we go.

Start the day with a green monster.

(A smoothie, that is.) : )

A light and bright green breakfast can really set the tone for a healthier day. It’s not a wise idea to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner totally famished, so I always try to eat three regular meals, but I make them on the petite side so I work up a good appetite. Green smoothies are an ideal breakfast on a day that you want something light and nutrient-dense that will set up a good snowball effect for the rest of the day!

Warm up with some tea.

Tea is a great pick-me-up any time of the day, and it will help curb your appetite while you’re waiting for the bird (or tofurkey…!) to cook. Plus, if it’s super cold where you live, you need tea in your life! It’s good for the heart and brain, helps to hydrate you, and is an easy way to find a moment of zen in your day. Try drinking green tea for extra antioxidants.

Find new recipe inspiration.

The best way to ensure there is something with greens on the table is to make it yourself! Even if others don’t seem excited, you can bring your friends and family over to the green side with dishes that combine healthier greens with delicious richer ingredients like bacon or crumbled blue cheese. (And for the days that follow, try this squash salad that is leftover-friendly!)

Keep the plate half full.

Nobody wants to skip out on the best of the best Thanksgiving dishes: the sweet potatoes with marshmallows or the decadent stuffing. Definitely have some of those! But, don’t go totally crazy and get so full that you can’t walk. Have some of your favorites, but balance them out with healthier options too – like that green side you brought. : ) 

Make time for the outdoors.

Eat your greens and see them too! A nice long walk, especially after a big meal, does wonders for the mind and body. It’s great for digestion and an active way to get family and friends together outside. Maybe all of the green leaves have turned and fallen, but the evergreens will carry you through! 

What are your favorite ways to “go green” during the holidays?

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