Sunday, December 31, 2017

Week In Review

Piggybacking on my year in review, here’s what we did this week! Mazen was home from school, and we had fun trying out some of his new Christmas presents. And while he concentrated on Legos, I organized closets! I’m planning a whole post about those : )

We ate a lot of omelets because of the two dozen fresh eggs we were given for Christmas. Peppers, cheese, jalapeños.

I also snuck in a few smoothies. (Loving our Zuo planter my sister got for our wedding!)

I built M’s new Paw Patrol mountain. Santa thought this one came out of the box assembled. The elves dropped the ball on that one!

I was scolded for winning at Connect Four and told to “STOP THINKING” on the next round. :mrgreen:

Thomas brought me a Gobbfather from Ivy Provisions for lunch one day. GAH this was good! I had a salad the next day, and a smoothie from ACAC another!

We created comic books based on Captain Underpants. How cute are his drawings?

Mazen FaceTimed me from inside the family room trunk – LOL!

Lego mania:

Those moustaches sure were worth their weight in gold! And we liked the new Go Oink game.

For dinners we had leftover Christmas pizza with a pear and feta salad…

…Mona Lisa Pasta meatballs in sauce, leftover macaroni, and more salad.

And lastly – taco salads!

The games continued at bedtime. Thomas bought Mazen a UVA basketball goal and Mazen’s Duke cheerleader had fun taunting them!

Moms will go to all lengths to get those teeth brushed every night, including chasing the child into a tent!

Even Gussie had a fun week – he was smothered in kisses during girls night! Doesn’t he look like the happiest dog in the world?!


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