Sunday, February 5, 2017

High Low High 17

Good morning anda very happy Monday to you! Also, CONGRATS to the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS for winning this year’s Super Bowl! Holy cow, what an EPIC game. I don’t even like football, and I was cheering and celebrating like a lunatic last night!! 🙂

Ok, so I love a good High Low High blog post, so here’s a recap of our weekend that shares both the high and low points from it. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, so there’s typically more highs than lows. With that, here we go!

HIGH: CrossFit + donuts = favorite kind of Saturday morning. I paired up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile for the partner workout, so it was fun to catch up. Afterward, Qman and I shared a chocolate-coconut donut from Coffee Shack.

crossfit and donuts

LOW: Mal feeling totally exhausted on Saturday morning and missing CrossFit. Poor guy. 

HIGH: Mal offering to go grocery shopping instead. Whaaaattt? He actually said he felt like going to Trader Joe’s. Well, ok then! My list was already set and ready to go– thanks to my handy-dandy Designed to Fit Nutrition printable shopping list that told me exactly what we needed to buy for the week.


HIGH: Enjoying a “girl date” with my friend Marisa. We got manicures at MiniLuxe and then grabbed some wine and apps at Rustic Kitchen. Marisa and I talk just about everyday (via WhatsApp), but we haven’t seen each other since New Years, so it was really great to hang out.

girl date at derby street

LOW: Mal coming down with a (man) cold. He wasn’t feeling well when I got home, so I took over toddler duties while he went to bed early.

HIGH: Morning toddler cuddles + iced coffee on the couch + Mal waking up feeling much better + almond croissants for breakfast = THE BEST. 

sunday morning iced coffee almond croissants

HIGH: Dominating my food prep for my Designed to Fit Nutrition meal plan this week. I finished everything early, so I relaxed on Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl.

designed to fit prep day

HIGH: Drinking a beer, which is the first in years. I actually used to drink beer ALL THE TIME. I even used to have a special category on CNC because I blogged about it so much. Then, I got Ulcerative Colitis and it no longer agreed with me. Boo. I’ve actually had a craving for beer for a couple of weeks now, so I decided to give it a try. It was just as tasty as I remembered!


LOW: Falling asleep on the couch and not finishing chores/tasks around the house. Whomp whomp. What a lame-o.


HIGH: Pug cuddles (obviously), which were highly illegal, but Mal thought Murphy and I were cute, so he allowed it. 

HIGH: Going to our friends’ Super Bowl party and eating lots and lots and LOTS of good food! 


HIGH: Lady Gaga’s halftime show, Quinn’s stellar dance moves, and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl! 

Question of the Day

How do you feel about the outcome of the Super Bowl?

What is your high and low from the weekend?

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a DTFN meal plan! I will pick a winner later this week!

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 438

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

Folks need more vitamin E.

Getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy doesn’t seem to reduce autism risk in your offspring.

We sleep to forget.

Dogs lose weight on low-carb diets, too.

Over 700 genes determine height.

Certain microbes could promote altruism.

Fixing your posture curbs depression symptoms.




Episode 154: Drew Canole: Elle Russ chats with Drew Canole, health expert and founder of Organifi, one of the best-tasting and most nutrient-dense green powders on the market.

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The upsides and downsides of interpersonal synchrony.

How the length of your thigh bone determines the best squat technique.

Alcohol probably made civilization possible (or tolerable).

What makes the Instant Pot so great?

We still don’t know when humans learned to start and control fires (and the Neanderthals might never have learned).


Malaria-bearing mosquitoes are getting craftier.

You get used to eating packets of butter.”

People really need to stop eating vegetable oil.


Now this is a use for soybean oil I can get behind.

Feral pigs are doing great.

What happens when one twin goes to space for a year and one twin stays planetside.

The Danish Medical Association comes out hard against male circumcision.

For the first time, malaria drugs failed in the UK.

The nominations are in for Paleo Magazine‘s “Best of 2016.” We made 8 categories.

All of us here at MDA and Primal Kitchen would really appreciate your vote.


Article I appeared in: The health secrets of 10 top entrepreneurs.

Podcast I loved appearing on: Mixergy, discussing how I grew my business from a scrappy blog to what it is today. Give it a listen (and a like, if you do).

Video I have to share: Watch people mustering the nerve to jump from the high dive.

News I liked: Roundup’s getting cancer warnings on its labels, at least in CA.

Pet I’d get: This hairless hare, if only for the sage wisdom he undoubtedly possesses.



One year ago (Feb 5 – Feb 11)


I would put the US News article firmly in the fake news category.

– I tend to agree, Jim Tipton.


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