Friday, July 14, 2017

The First Primal Kitchen Restaurant Opens Next Friday!

Inline_southbend_ig2Well, I have to say it’s a great birthday gift (yup, today’s that day for me), and I couldn’t be more excited about the news. The Primal Kitchen Restaurants concept was born a few years ago, but today I’m proud to announce that the very first location in Southbend, IN, will open in one week—next Friday, July 21, 2017. 

I’ve got another great success story coming up in just a few, but I couldn’t let the morning pass without making the big announcement. Congratulations and thank you to our Southbend, IN, franchise owners, Tara and Tom Olson and to all the Primal Kitchen Restaurant staff. Check back next week for their own success story, and get to know Tara and Tom’s own Primal journey.

Thanks, everybody, and enjoy your day. I know I will!

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9 Year Anniversary Recap

Celebrating 9 years of marriage with Mal was a lot of fun!

I was up and at ’em taking the 5:15 AM class at CrossFit, so I swung by Coffee Shack on the way home to get Mal and me a couple of iced coffees to kick off our special day!

I went with French toast iced coffee and got Mal a “plain” (not “regular”) iced coffee with a shot of espresso. Fun side note: Around here, if you ask for a “regular iced coffee” you get it made with cream and sugar. Mal and I must have ordered a half dozen coffees like this before we realized “regular” is not just plain iced coffee. Ha!

After that, I drove home and arrived to a quiet house. I put Mal’s iced coffee in the fridge and did a little work before he and Qman woke up. Once they were up, we all got ready for the day. Mal and I dropped Quinn off at daycare and then headed to a meeting with our financial adviser and accountant – fun times and, oooh, so romantic! 🙂

After our meetings, we headed to lunch at Scarlet Oak Tavern – one of our favorite restaurants.

While we waited for our entrees, we opened presents. Remember how we said “no presents”? Well, two days before our anniversary, Mal told me that he bought me a present- something leather – keeping with modern gifts for 9 years of marriage. Obviously, it was very sweet of him, but it left me scrambling (aka running around Derby Street) trying to find something awesome and leather for him. I love giving gifts and usually have them picked out well ahead of time, often weeks in advance, so shopping last-minute was super stressful, especially for such a special occasion. Oh, husbands! 🙂 Anyway, Mal gave me, not one, but two amazing leather bracelets that I immediately fell in love with.

The wrap bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that you can dress it up and down. I know I’m going to wear it a ton! It’s handmade – leather with mother of pearl beads. Mal actually wanted to get me a bracelet with regular pearls (my birth stone), but he liked the way the smaller pearls looked better. I’m obsessed. The other leather bracelet is one that Mal thought I could wear together with the wrap or “to the beach.” Good work, Mal!

Thankfully, my last-minute shopping trip paid off, and Mal loved his gift. He’s obsessed with a pair of OluKai Mesh Slip-Ons that he already owns and wears them all the time, but now that’s it’s summer, I figured his feet would get hot, so I bought him a pair OluKai Flip Flops. He was so happy when he saw what was inside the box! 🙂

After opening presents, we dug into lunch – oysters to start!

I ordered the salmon, which, of course, was excellent. I love everything on the menu at Scarlet Oak! 🙂

We forgot to snap an anniversary photo inside, so below is our attempt at a selfie outside the restaurant. Derp.

After lunch, we swung by Hornstra Farm to grab ice cream for later – we figured it would be fun to celebrate with Qman too!

We picked “Cow Tracks,” which is vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups. Mmm!

After that, we picked up Qman from school, went for a family walk, ate dinner…

And our 9th anniversary concluded with an ice cream party!

It was a great day for sure! 🙂

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Watermelon

It’s no surprise that watermelon is a healthy, hydrating and gorgeous looking summer fruit, but there are more uses for this melon than you might realize.


Tap It

With the help of a few power tools, turn a watermelon into a tasty adult beverage and a serving vessel. It’s one-stop shopping with a batch of this punch for 275 calories per serving.

Recipe: Watermelon Punch Keg (pictured above)

Grill It

A quick sizzle on the grill and cool watermelon makes a hot salad! Cooking also enhances the cell-protecting powder of the antioxidant lycopene.

Recipe: Grilled Watermelon Salad

Scoop It

Grab a bag of tortilla chips and call over the neighbors. If you thought tomato salsa was refreshing try this recipe on for size; your guests with beg for the recipe.

Recipe: Watermelon, Mint and Jalapeno Salsa

Pickle It

Dunk the flesh and the rind into a sweet and salty brine, you’ll cut down in waste and have a fabulous snack to show for it.

Recipe: Pickled Watermelon Rinds


Juice It

Got a ton of watermelon on hand? Get more mileage out of that fruit by juicing: the only equipment required is a blender and a fine mesh sieve. Use the juice for cocktails and smoothies; it can be also frozen or mixed with pectin and sugar to make a stunning watermelon jam.

Recipe: Watermelon Juice


Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition.

*This article was written and/or reviewed by an independent registered dietitian nutritionist.

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Supper Camp

We have been eating like kings + queens around here!! Well, actually, Mazen is the king, so maybe we are princes and princesses?! Haha. He has been in charge of dinners this week because he’s been at Supper Camp! Remember when he attended a single enrichment day over Christmas break? (OMG go and watch that video interview of him again! So cute! He has grown up so much!)

The camp went from 9-3 each day, and the kids prepared a meal for their families. Matt and I have been trading off, so I haven’t gotten to try them all, but I took the time to photograph one meal from the week. Mazen LOVES to be in charge, and I got the linens out so he could set the table and make his dinner extra special.

I thought about turning this into a “fork goes on the left” table setting lesson, but I decided it was best just to let him do what he wanted to do.

He would have turned on the stove to heat up our meal himself if I had let him! Instead, I did the heating and plating and then he carried everything out and called us when it was time to sit down.

All five meals are plant-based and vegetarian, and on the menu this night was a lovely vegetable stir-fry with brown rice and a crunchy Asian cabbage slaw to go with it. Both were delicious!! The teachers share the recipes with us parents at the end of the week so we can make them again.

I have never been successful getting Mazen to eat rice, but he ate the rice!!! He ate everything, actually, although he didn’t have huge portions.

T and I had seconds!

There is dessert every night too! We enjoyed a tropical mango pudding.

Two thumbs up one for such a fun camp and one for a delicious meal!

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