Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekend Link Love — Edition 471

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Scientists discover a new reason why steak, mackerel, and avocados make you fuller.

Our visual attention is automatically drawn to meaning, not “what sticks out.”

A low-carb diet beats antipsychotics.

Kids from New Zealand’s South Island get more bowel disorders than their northern counterparts thanks to a lack of sunlight.

Organic farms trap more carbon.

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Episode 188: Rohini Ross: Host Elle Russ chats with Rohini Ross—a psychotherapist, leadership consultant, transformative coach and regular Huffington Post contributor who helps large groups and individuals discover success and well-being.

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Neanderthals lived in a wonderland of OTC penicillin.

How early 20th century Austrian psychiatrists used modern architecture to treat a modern malady.

The trick is finding that delicate balance between toxic stress and beneficial stress.


Intermittent fasting is terrible for athletic performance.”

Some guy gives his three top tips for becoming a fat-burning machine. 


Macaques, you were doing so well.

Humans have been around for a lot longer than we thought.

Thai soldier performs CPR on tiny drowned puppy.

According to the company, consumers complained about its healthier update, with some calling the natural colors depressing.”

Albino orangutan.


Why I always look for the bright side of adversity: “After a Hurricane, New Confidence.”

Video I liked: Dr. Emily Deans talks magnesium.

Subculture I had no idea existed: Bitcoin carnivores.

GMO I’d be interested in: Gluten-free wheat. Wonder if the bread quality holds up, since gluten is crucial for texture.

Terrible if true: Why farmers spray glyphosate on crops right before harvest.



One year ago (Oct 1 – Oct 7)


For me, the appeal of Facebook is knowing what’s going on in the lives of my numerous friends all over the globe. I agree, it’s easy to use mindlessly, but it’s also really great to spend 5 minutes before bed and read about what my friends in Australia, England, Holland, Denmark and elsewhere did today. Technology isn’t 100% evil — it’s all about how you use it.

 Nicely said, Margaret.


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