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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Hey folks!

I cannot BELIEVE another year has blazed by. I’m working on my yearly training update, which should be out late January, but we have the rest of the holiday season to navigate before getting there.

To that end, I’ve compiled a few options you (or someone you know) might enjoy for a holiday gift. Without further ado, let’s get gifty!

Dry Farm Wine

It’s tough to find bubbly without sugar. Did you know most have up to 50g/L??  Thanks to Dry Farm Wine, you can now have your bubbly without the negative effects.  

They’ve created The Sparkling Collection, a subscription for sparkling wine that works the same as their regular wine membership.

To buy: Dry Farm Wines Sparkling Collection

Not into the bubbly stuff? They also have great gifting options for the holidays. These are super cool, with the option to give a one time gift or customize a short term subscription, say 3 months!

To buy: Dry Farm Wines

Moskova Skivvies

I’ve generally been “ho-hum” about my underwear choices. I’m married, Nicki is stuck with me…I have historically covered my backside with whatever was handy. Well, then I tried Moskova undies.

This is a true story: I’d been sent a few pair of these undies and they sat on my desk for like 3 weeks. I received an email asking “did you try them??” and somewhat flustered and annoyed, I opened the package, stripped off my horror-show underwear that I had on at the moment, and put on a pair of Moskova underwear. I was standing directly in front of my dresser which housed my sox and underwear…I reached into my dresser, grabbed all of the underwear I currently owned (with a few pairs fleeing on their own power…that’s how old and ratty they were) and threw my old underwear away. I went back to my email, and responded “these are amazing, can I get 10 pair??” I really fail at describing how amazing they are…comfy and they look good—particularly when Nicki swipes a pair, which is almost a daily occurence.

If you love your backside (or someone else’s backside) put a pair of Moskova skivvies on that mamba-jamba!

To buy: Moskova

Henry Akins Hidden Jiu-Jitsu

If you or someone you know is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or grappling I simply cannot recommend Henry’s material enough. Humble brag, I received my purple belt earlier in the year, (for those that don’t know, this is a pretty significant achievement). And without Henry’s materials, I would likely NOT have stuck with my training.

The best way I can describe what Henry brings to his jiu-jitsu is “simplicity.” When you see Henry’s solution to a problem you may have struggled with for years the response can range from joy on the one hand to nearly abject depression on the other as you realize your training could have been so much further along if you’d only had access to this material sooner. My ONLY hesitation in recommending this material to a broad audience is it’ll make other folks that much better which increases the likelihood of me getting smashed!

To buy: Henry Akins Hidden Jiu-Jitsu

Sleep Remedy

Honestly, what’s better than the gift of a good night’s sleep? For your partner that’s tossing and turning all night, your co-worker coming in groggy eyed morning after morning, your sister who just had a little one. Or, let’s be real, yourself…Whoever needs that extra nudge into dreamland, Doc Parsley has got them covered with his Sleep Remedy.

This stuff replenishes nutritional and stress induced deficiencies to help you get deep, restful, and restorative sleep. And, they’ve recently added a lemon-lime flavor as well as capsules to the line up!

To buy:

Instant Pot

If you have someone in your life who enjoys cooking, but needs time saving options, the Instant Pot is a perfect gift. Seriously, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge and purchased one of these puppies for yourself you don’t know what you’re missing. A pressure cooker and slow cooker in one, the Instant Pot is truly a life saver!  

If the someone you’re buying for will be cooking for a large family, be sure to grab the 8 qt size (also comes in 6 qt).

To buy: Instant Pot

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Bone broth? Really? As a gift?! Ok, maybe this one is primarily a ”gift to self” but if you have not tinkered with adding a good collagen/glycine source to your diet (like that found in bone broth) you are (I know it’s cliche to say, but it’s true dag-nab-it!) “missing out.” This is not mere cave-man scented marketing hyperbole mind you, you are literally missing out on what is likely a more representative balance of nutrients and amino acids consumed by our pre-westernized ancestors.

If you’re like most folks who consume any animal products, you likely stick to traditional cuts of meat, seafood etc. These are fantastic, nutrient dense options for sure but it appears that eating all those other “fiddly-bits” may be pretty important for health, inflammation and having a shiny coat. Or, if you’re not a dog, healthy skin and happy hair. And stuff. Kettle & Fire offers a number of flavors but the Chicken Mushroom is…amazing. Seriously, amazing. Oh, and they’ve got a special end of year savings for you too!

To buy: Kettle and Broth

Gymnastics Bodies

At 45 years old I’ve become quite aware of what helps (and what hinders) my performance, be that mental or physical in nature. Smart mobility and strength work like what I get from the Gymnastics Bodies program will, in all likelihood, remain a feature of my training for the rest of my life. If you’ve followed my training updates over the years you‘ll likely notice that GB has featured prominently in my training.

There’s something for everyone in Gymnastics Bodies. Coach Sommer has put an enormous amount of work into the online interface which is adaptable based on your performance. For me, I add one day per week of squatting or deadlifting and I’m “good.”

To buy: Gymnastics Bodies

Totally into lifting weights and not sure if you want to do gymnastics work? No problem, but I’d highly recommend checking out the stretch program offered by GB.

To buy: Gymnastics Bodies Stretch Series

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I Thought Any Weight Issue Could Be Corrected With Chronic Exercise

Well Holiday Seasoned

School’s out!! I love to spend time with Mazen, and we have a fun few things planned for winter break (including a visit to Grammie + Pea’s!), but I will probably be going a little nuts come New Year’s 🙂 Where do they get their energy?!

Mazen’s school put on a Christmas program, and it was SO STINKIN’ CUTE!! I can’t share a single photo because they all include many other children, but for the first time ever Mazen was singing and doing the motions as enthusiastically as the best of them. In his past preschool performances he was shy and barely mouthed the words, but this year he was belting them out with a smile on his face. Wish I could share the video!

Thomas and I went to an evening hot yoga class at Elements and it totally rocked! It was a 75-minute vinyasa flow in a perfectly heated room. T said it was the hardest class he’d ever taken! It was definitely challenging, and we were both drenched by the end. My shoulders feel like I lifted weights today.

We had plans for a baked chicken dinner but as you can see from the stove clock, it was nearly 8pm when we were home and showered, so we postponed that dinner and I made a stove-top Brussels sprouts extravaganza. (T made a Big Green Egg smoked salmon salad.)

(Sidebar: I really don’t like capitalizing Greek yogurt and Brussels sprouts. Just sayin’. I know they are countries, but capital letters in the middle of sentences that are not proper nouns make me feel off.)

I cooked the shaved sprouts (from Whole Foods) in a skillet with bacon grease and mushrooms and added two eggs to the middle when they were cooked. The whole dish was topped with grated cheese at the end! Dinner in a flash.

Yesterday I had lunch at the new Citizen Bowl Shop, the sister spot to Citizen Burger Bar (one of my Cville favs!)

For you Cville folks, it’s in the old Yearbook Taco space, and I think it’s a permanent restaurant. They are only open for lunch, and the guy told me that in the fall they had a line out the door everyday!

Peruse the menu and tell me this does not look amazing!

I had the Umami bowl which was brown rice, power greens, local mushrooms, toasted sesame seeds, jalapenos, cilantro, edamame, and the most perfectly cooked Arctic Char. The dressing was a cilantro lime with a touch of soy (I think?) and it was so good. I ate every bite!

I can’t wait to go back and try the Fall Harvest and Citizen Bowls. And you can BYO too! If you’re visiting Cville, put this spot at the top of your quick lunch list.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Last-Minute Gift Guide for Health Nuts

Time is running out – just 10 days until Christmas! If you’re a last-minute shopper or just want to find the perfect gift, look no further. I’ve rounded up a number of gifts that you can purchase today that will arrive just in time for the big day. Most of them are intended for the “health nut” on your list – including men, women, and children (in the sense that their parents might be health nuts) – but many of them will be well received by just about anyone of your holiday list!

Because Your Mommy Does CrossFit – This book in epic. Every CrossFit mom needs a copy!

Designed to Fit Nutrition Custom Meal Plan – Give the gift of health! If there’s something on your shopping list who has expressed getting healthy in 2018, a custom meal plan is the perfect gift. Our gift cards are 10% off right now with code HOLIDAY10.

Citrus Mimosas Hand Duo – Two gentle formulas designed to cleanse, hydrate and soften hands. Both the Hand Wash and Hand Cream are packed with nourishing ingredients including organic aloe and chamomile and leave a subtle, refreshing citrus scent. Set comes packaged in red gift box with crinkle paper. Full-sized products.

Cozy Athleisure from Nike – If anything from my post from yesterday caught your eye, here’s a little incentive from Nike! Take $20 off $100 or more with code HOLIDAY20! There’s also FREE holiday shipping! Some exclusions may apply. Ends 12/17, so be sure to hop on it!

Stitch Fix gift card – Stitch Fix is great for both women and men – if they like fashion (like Mal) or need a little help (like me).

Welcome Baby Gift Set – Everything you need for the ultimate baby-shower gift set, packaged in a deluxe box. Gentle All-Over Wash cleanses body and hair with a tear-free formula, Soothing Oil absorbs easily and nourishes skin, and Daily Protective Balm acts as a layer of protection for sensitive, delicate skin.

Kettlebell Mug – How adorable is this mug!? Just about any coffee lover/gym fan would love it! 🙂

Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection-Water Bottle – I love this water bottle so much! Isn’t it pretty? It definitely encourages me to drink up!

SFH Protein Powder – The best protein powder ever made! Non-GMO, nothing artificial, 100% grass-fed whey, and doesn’t upset my stomach. I love the Churro and vanilla and use them just about every day!

Corkcicle Gloss 16oz Tumbler – You guys probably recognize this tumbler from a number of my blog posts. It’s my go-to mug for my morning iced coffee and afternoon tea. It’s my favorite, and I bet someone on your holiday list will love it, too!

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