Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Best of 2017: Research Insights and Other Breakthroughs

2017 written on the sand of a beach, travel 2017 new year conceptEach year is fuller than the last. More and more scientific papers are published each year, and that trend is only quickening. The same trend goes for books, products, businesses. Humans are incredible producers. It’s what we do—create and consume.

So, whenever I do a “year in review” type of post, it’s harder than the previous year. There’s too much to cover. Hell, in 2017 alone there were over 17,000 papers published on saturated fat17,000.

But let’s give it a shot. What are some takeaways as we finish out 2017?

1. Vegetable oils are still really, really bad.

2. Keto works.

3. Everything has a circadian rhythm, and the circadian rhythm affects everything.

4. What the Health, this year’s token vegan screed, came out to rapturous applause. In one of my favorite pieces of the year, Robb Wolf took it apart piece by piece and, in doing so, definitively commented on anti-meat hysteria and bad science in general.

5. We learned that the sugar industry has been stifling anti-sugar research results for decades, surprising no one while enraging almost everyone (with an honest bone in their body).

6. We learned more and more about ancient human evolution and migration. It turns out that our history is even crazier and more impressive than we thought.

7. Human gene editing drew ever nearer to the mainstream.

8. Awareness of digital media’s effect on our health and happiness grew.

9. There was serious debate over whether we’re educating and parenting our kids the right way.

10. Even as health and food-related tech has largely come up short, there were some promising developments.

11. I had a few momentous occasions happen that really made the year for me:

I’ve been doing this thing for over 10 years now, and it still feels fresh, still feels new and exciting. Because despite all the studies, developments, news reports, and personal experimentation, we still don’t know much of anything. A whopping 99% of the gut biome is a complete mystery, for example. There’s a lot more for us to learn. I look forward to sharing  and discussing it with all of you.

What were your big takeaways for 2017?

Thanks for reading, everyone. Take care and be well.


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Eat More Hole Foods

I like hole foods, like donuts! Healthy whole wheat baked donuts, of course! 🙂 Everyone needs more food ornaments. Here are all the donuts, or maybe you’d like a kale ornament for your tree?! I also love these. I actually do have a pickle on my tree! Today was my grandmother’s birthday, and I know she would have loved all of the foodie ornaments.

Mr. Mazen is feeling awfully festive this week, being out of school and everything. He was literally counting down the days!

I am loving having more time for breakfast.

Simple whole wheat French toast: I just crack two eggs in a bowl, add a little cinnamon and a splash of half and half. That’s usually perfect for two pieces of bread, but I do pour the rest of the batter on the final slice and turn it into a French toast omelet.

Served with Land O Lakes pumpkin butter and Cuties!

I’m hoping to do a little more “what I ate / daily life” style blogging over the holidays. I am still trying to find the best balance between KERF’s roots and the work flow that keeps me the most sane. Bear with me if I miss a day here or there (and remind me how easy and fun it is simply to post photos of real food!)

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