Wednesday, January 17, 2018

10 Ways To Channel Summer

We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Mazen has new snow boots (we got these neoprene Cat & Jack ones from Target), 5T snow pants and a sled ready to go, but it looks like there’s only about half an inch on the ground. Of course school is closed at the first flurry.

The past few years I have gone somewhere warm in the dead of winter. It’s amazing how much a few days of warm sunshine lifts the spirit. This time last year we were gearing up for St. Lucia, but this year we took our tropical vacation in October before the weather was even cold here, and so this this winter I will be landlocked. What I have noticed over the past few days is that even thinking about being in a warm, tropical place lifts me up a bit. My BFF is in Mexico and her videos and photos make me feel like I am there too. My Coastal Living magazine came this week, and even browsing the pages puts me in a better mood.

So, I thought, if I can’t go to the Caribbean, I will bring the Caribbean to me!

Here are 10 ways to channel the tropics:

  1. Put on beach music. The Beach Boys. Reggae. Red, Red, Wine.
  2. Follow resort Instagram accounts. Watch a Story with the sound of the waves.
  3. Go to the sauna, an indoor pool, a hot tub or hot yoga. Make your body feel like it’s summer. Splash around.
  4. Watch Moana, or your favorite beach movie.
  5. Make a tropical drink. Embrace the pineapple with Julie’s Pineapple Mint Sangria, Tina’s list of 7 summery cocktails (I want to try the Cotton Candy!), or this Summery Rose Cocktail, which looks right up my alley!
  6. Chew gum from Trident’s tropical line. I recently found the pineapple flavor and love it!
  7. Shop for a new bathing suit. This LOFT ruffled top is so cute. Off-the-shoulder suits seem to be on trend this year, but I can’t imagine swimming in one! I am most comfortable in a sportier strappy halter style.
  8. Have a summery dinner like burgers or skewers with pineapple.
  9. Read a good island novel. I love anything by Elin Hilderbrand. (Of course, I have never read any of her winter books – only the Nantucket summery ones!)
  10. Wear coconut scented things. Or better yet, put on a little sunscreen! Nothing screams summer quite like the scent of sunscreen.

I made a Thai Crunch Salad this week after reading about it on Julie’s blog. It was SO good! 100% Peanuty.

And while citrus is a winter fruit, it sure makes me feel tropical!

Pancake with butter and raspberry jam + orange. 



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