Monday, February 26, 2018

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

^^Teenage Mazen picked out his rad outfit!

How was your weekend? I feel quite guilty because we ate out SO many meals! Rather than bump up our grocery store trip to Friday, we got take-out Thai for dinner Friday and ate out on Saturday. The kitchen will be reopening this week with a big box from Blue Apron!

Fresh rolls, spicy beef noodles, panang curry.

Mazen read this ENTIRE book to me! I was one proud mama.

The House Fairy brought Mazen a fossil dino egg for a few days worth of good manners and choices. He started chipping away at breakfast. Protective eyewear required! : )

We had buttered toast and banana – oat – peanut butter smoothies for breakfast.

I took Mazen and Sylvia to the gym. I worked out, saunaed, showered, and had time to read a few pages of my book before going to get them at noon for lunch.

Sarah and I made plans for lunch at Three Notchd (which is nice and kid friendly!) and the kids had a blast.

I decided to go big or go home and got the sliders and french fries. Totally hit the spot! (To be honest, I ordered a side salad, but when our server told me it did have onions that couldn’t be taken out I said “Twist my arm, I’ll have to get the fries…!”)

Matt met us near the end of lunch for a beer, and then I left Mazen with him for a movie date and headed home to watch the rest of the Bachelor Winter Games with Ellen. I can’t decide if I really liked Winter Games or not. I am very happy for Ashley I, Lesley, and Claire, though!

On Saturday night I joined three of my country girls for dinner and the Luke Bryan concert!

We first had dinner at Peter Chang’s (my first visit!), and we shared a bunch of plates, including Bang Bang shrimp, spring rolls, tofu skins, and sweet and sour chicken. Yum!

I LOVE Luke Bryan!! I saw him a few summers ago with Lynsie up at Jiffy Lube, and knew this closer-to-home show at the John Paul Jones arena would be amazing.

Our friend Sarah procured us four amazing artist tickets that were right in front of the extended stage. We were so close and had plenty of room to dance in our row.

The show was amazing – I knew and sang every single song! Luke is such a great performer, and his style and lyrics make him one of my favorite modern country stars. We declared it to be the best concert ever! His dance moves weren’t bad either! 😉

We got home late, and I tried to sleep in as best I could (my body clock is strong!) We were out of bread, so I had eggs, orange, and a tortilla for breakfast. It was quite a delicious combo!

Mid morning I went to the grocery store (finally!) and then to ACAC with Mazey for the Super Magical Ball. The event was FREE for ACAC members, and the whole thing was themed around superheros and princesses.

They had lots of characters to meet and greet, plus plenty of games and snacks. I had a Sweethaus strawberry cupcake.

We ended the day with an epic fort (igloo?!) in the basement and a home cooked meal of meatloaf, potatoes, and green beans.

Our entire weekend was gray. This Fifty shades of gray February better be over soon!

Happy 26th!

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