Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What I Ate Wednesday!

I am fired up and focused today! (I am making my way through Racheal’s book and loving it! Except for the email part. There is no way I could only check mine once or twice a day.) I tend to read 1-2 fiction books a month and one non-fiction and flip flop between them. I finished Sarah Jio’s Morning Glory and loved it, and I just started Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. Here are some “What I Ate” meals!


Muuna sent me a few samples of their cottage cheese, and it’s very good! Love the raspberry flavor. I had this with an apple and Naturally Nutty almond butter for a simple breakfast one morning.


In the winter I really need to have warm lunches! I love these breaded fish filets from Whole Foods. They make a salad feel like a meal! This salad had greens, homemade dressing, carrot chips, tomatoes, leftover sweet potato fries, and two hot and crunchy fish filets.


I had to stop into Walmart the other day and had to share that I found these cute rose gold baskets for $1.50 each! (Really they are 2 for $3). I bought 4. Now I have to think of where to use them! The two-packs are only sold in stores, but you can get a 6-pack for $11 online! I swear Walmart is the place to go for inexpensive storage. I always see their Better Homes & Gardens line in my magazine, and am shocked at how cute and farmhouse-y everything is for such low prices. I found these great seagrass baskets for $13.97 on my visit as well, but I decided I didn’t have a spot for them. How cute is this blue and white cloth toy bin for $6?! It would be $30 at PB or Land of Nod.

I never go to Wal-mart without stocking up on more Giovanni Rana pasta! Ever since my blog post with them we’ve been hooked : )


Simple salmon with garlic, salt, and pepper (salmon is on the menu once a week over here) with asparagus and grits made in the rice cooker. (Not as good as the Quaker Grits, which I am a convert to!)

What’s the best thing you cooked this week?

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