Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Blue Suede, er Plastic, Shoes

I am obsessed with the neon/bright colored foods on Instagram. Hot pink (dragon fruit), mermaid blue, neon colored. Accounts like this and this and this. My talents involve stirring seaweed into overnight oats :mrgreen:

But I try! Let’s be honest, I bought this blue majik more for the color than the health benefits of spirulina. But it is so pretty! I’m also thinking about ordering a matcha set from this matcha company or from Unicorn Superfoods! Imagine the possibilities. Maybe one day I’ll find some edible flowers or make seashell molds made of coconut butter. (Can someone tell me how to make your frozen berries get that frosted look?! My frozen berries just look soggy…)

This breakfast filled me up easily through lunch. It was made with overnight oats (basic oats/milk/greek yogurt mix) with chia seeds, blue majik stirred in, nectarine, and blueberry.

In other blue news, you might have seen that I bought a second pair of Rothy’s! I LOVE my Rothy’s. They are the only shoes I have ever owned to get compliments at an airport. I’ve had my gray heather rounded toe Rothy’s for over a year, and seriously LIVE in them. I had some trouble with stink over the winter and I did all of the de-stinking tricks I knew: a few days in a bag with baking soda, a good machine wash, dry in the sunshine for a day, a few drops of essential oils, and they’ve been great ever since. The flats are made from recycled water bottles, are totally durable, machine washable, and so far for me – blister proof! Also super comfortable. So a few weeks ago I bought an aqua pair. I wanted the opposite style from my everyday grays – something pointed, dressy, and bright. They have a neon pink too – I almost got them! These flats are not cheap, but I PROMISE you will love them! I’d say that the rounded toe are slightly more comfortable for everyday, but I love the points too.

Hope you guys are having a great week full of blue pools, blue oceans, and blueberries!

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