Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brighten Up Eats

Nothin’ like a smoothie to brighten up a rainy day!

Sub-Zero Superfoods sent me a sample pack of their blend-at-home smoothies. They’re similar to Daily Harvest in that they put pre-portioned, superfood ingredients into a frozen cup delivered to your doorstep and you just add milk and blend when you’re ready to eat. They offer a great variety of options too – some with rice protein, low sugar, collagen for all you collagen peeps, bowls with granola included (that’s what I have above!) and some with greens. All have been tasty and on par with smoothies I’d get in a fancy smoothie shop.

I’ve obviously been on a total smoothie kick lately. Mazen loves the chocolate-peanut butter-banana combo so I make those for his breakfast the majority of the time. (Usually plus a slice of whole wheat toast.) He often only drinks half the smoothie for breakfast and I save the rest for later. And sometimes I finish his half eaten toast with my smoothie! Granola on top of this one.

Yogurt, nectarine, granola + almond butter parfaits are pretty regular too! I can tell I’m about to enter the hot breakfast phase of life, as it’s been a bit chilly some of these past mornings. Can’t wait for cozy bowls of oatmeal! I might have to bring back rice cooker oats when the baby comes. Or do a big batch of whipped banana that I can reheat.

Hillary and I recently had lunch at our new Cava! They had so many great toppings, and my bowl was fab. Loved the watermelon lemonade too!

On a particularly rainy day I whipped up a bowl of Vie’s Quick Tomato Soup. It’s so simple – garlic (and onion if you want) plus fire roasted tomatoes, broth, half and half, and some spices. Blend it up and you have a homemade tomato soup. On the side I made a Sunshine Burger on a whole wheat English muffin. The brand sent me a few coupons to try them out, and I like that they’re made with real food and not soy! There’s ketchup, mustard, and pickle on there too – you just can’t see it!

Mazey and I walked downtown with our friends for Splendora’s Gelato recently. The neighbors gave him a gift card for his birthday – what a perfect gift idea! I’m going to get a few myself to give out. #minimalism

He was very proud to buy my ice cream with his “credit card.”

Mini scoop of salted caramel with heath bar – woo hoo!

My biggest dinner win last week was a turmeric crockpot pineapple chicken that I made YEARS ago and one of you told me was one of your favorite recipes! I put it on our meal plan and it was a hit. Love that sweet-savory pineapple!

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