Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One Month of HIIT Workouts

Hi, guys! Happy November! 🙂

Let chat workouts, shall we? I won’t lie, I go through plenty of phases where I get into a serious rut. (Kind of like right now, which is why I started to 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge – and there’s still time to sign up!) Sometimes, it’s hard to find daily motivation, which is a big reason why I LOVE taking a CrossFit or similar group exercise class. I show up, someone tells me what to do, I do it, and move on with my day. If I wake up in the morning with no plan, and I need to create my own workout, it’s much less likely to actually happen.

I often hear the same challenges from you guys, so that’s why I am super excited to share one full month of workouts with you – 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks, all laid out for you to tackle! Need some accountability? Join the Carrots N Cake Facebook Community to stay on track and share your success!

Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Happy sweating! 🙂

from Carrots 'N' Cake

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