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Sample Macro Day + Workouts to Try [Volume 3]

Hi, guys!

We’re in Newport, Rhode Island for the annual Haupert weekend. It’s EASILY one of our favorite weekends ever, and we truly look forward to it all year long. Needless to say, I am psyched for a weekend away with our family. I’ll have a full recap next week, but, in the meantime, here is another day of eats + macro breakdowns.

I really enjoy sharing these blog posts because I actually don’t track macros every single day. Tracking for the blog helps me see where I might be falling short or going a little overboard with my choices. Hey, it happens, which is why I love having macro tracking as a tool in my toolbox! I also included a few new workouts to try – inspired by some of my own last week. It feels so good to get back into a workout groove, so I hope these give you a little push as well! Finally, don’t miss out on a few of my weekly fitness deals from around the web. I am always on the lookout for great sales on fitness/athleisure apparel, so I am more than happy to share these picks with you!

Breakfast: I started my day with my normal iced coffee combo of 2 scoops Vanilla Bean Collagen Peptides with almond milk. Since it was a gym day, I just wanted something small pre-workout so I also sliced up half of a banana with a big scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter.

Post-Workout: I wanted a combo of protein + carbs after a great CrossFit session so I mixed up a serving of SFH Vanilla Protein Powder with a little bit of OJ – a surprisingly delicious combination that tasted like a creamsicle!

Lunch: I cooked quick stir fry recipe using a couple of my favorite Trader Joe’s freezer products. I love the riced frozen cauliflower and added shrimp and a big handful of spinach to finish the dish.

Snack: It doesn’t get much easier than 1/2 an avocado plus a drizzle of Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard. So good!

Dinner: I threw together a quick meal using a chili lime chicken burger (from Trader Joe’s) with Munster cheese and ketchup + a side of roasted potatoes and kale. Delicious!

Dessert: I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin-y treat to end the evening!

Workouts to Try 

Total Body Countdown – I love a good countdown workout – they just seem to fly by! This one is a do-anywhere bodyweight workout, and you can always modify the time – so if you only have 15 or 20 minutes, try to get as many rounds as possible!

Quick and Dirty 21-15-9 – A classic CrossFit rep scheme mixed with my love for running! The combo of upper and lower body lifting with some cardio mixed in will definitely get you sweating!

Upper Body + Core Crusher – I gave you a serious lower body burner last edition, so let’s add in an upper body circuit for you to mix and match workouts (+ couple of core movements to keep that mid-section strong)!

Favorite Fitness Deals

The North Face Slacker Hooded Jacket –  I’m prepping for fall and winter and found this awesome North Face jacket on sale for 50% off. It would make a great layering jacket that’s warm, but still lightweight as you transition to colder month. I love the coral color – so cute!

Zella Live In Ombre Midi Leggings – I love the ombre color of these leggings – it’s always flattering on a variety of body shapes. I also love the length – you don’t have to worry about them being too long yet they stay put, unlike some capris I’ve owned. Plus, 50% off makes for another great steal on a quality brand!

Nike Element 1/2 Zip Top –  These Nike 1/2 zips are a staple piece in my fitness wardrobe. I love them for fall workouts because they keep me warm without overheating. And, bonus, they’re on sale at Zappos for 25% off!

Sperry Crest Vibe – I’ve always liked Sperry and these casual shoes would be super cute tossed on with a pair of jeans. They are also washable, which mean they’ll stay looking new for a lot longer! 🙂

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