Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tips for Hitting Your Protein Goal

One of the most common questions that I get from nutrition clients is “how do I get more protein into my diet?

Consuming enough protein is so important – it keeps you satisfied, your blood sugar more steady, cravings at bay, and helps you better recover from your workouts. Clients are often looking for tips on how to include more protein in their meals and snacks, so here are some tips as well as my favorite high-protein recipes and products to help you hit your daily goal!


Plan your day ahead of time: This is my #1 piece of advice. Before you go to bed, plan your meals and snacks for the next day into MyFitnessPal – even if it’s JUST your protein for the day. (You can always fill in the gaps later.) That way, you’re not eating a bowl of egg whites at the end of the night!

Make sure every meal and snack you eat has protein in it: It all adds up, so make sure even your snacks have a decent amount of protein in them.

Supplement with collagen or protein powder: You’ve probably heard me talk about mixing vanilla bean collagen into my morning iced coffee, but did you know that you can add it to yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, sauces, and even baked goods? Same goes for protein powder! Vanilla SFH is my favorite kind, especially when mixed into a protein ball!

Slightly increase your portions: Hitting your protein goal can be as simple as adding an extra ounce of chicken to lunch, another slice of deli meat to a sandwich, or an additional egg at breakfast. Small tweaks at each meal can add up quickly!

Throw in some extras: Adding a bit of cheese to your eggs, beans to a salad, or topping your oatmeal with some nuts or hemp hearts can give you extra grams of protein from a variety of sources.

Load up on veggies (for real): Broccoli, peas, and potatoes are some of my favorites that have a decent amount of protein per serving. Bonus: They’re loaded with nutrients and fiber, which are important to weight loss!

Choose your snacks wisely: It’s easy to snack on carb-rich foods, especially when on-the-go. Try to include at least 10g of protein to your snacks to increase your daily total. Some of my favorite high-protein and travel-friendly snacks: Atlas Bars, RXBARS, and packets of Justin’s maple almond butter or RXBAR vanilla almond butter.

Prep a few of your favorite protein sources: I almost always make a big batch of shredded chicken in my Instant Pot at the beginning of the week, so I have a versatile protein source on-hand. I also like making egg cups and chicken sausage with roasted veggies for the week. Other favorites: Hard-boiled eggs, Cowboy Beans, and deli snack boxes. Additionally, check out these meal prep tips and handy checklist to set you up for success in the kitchen. Personally, meal prep is KEY to keeping me in track during the week. Otherwise, I eat take-out or cereal for dinner!

I hope these ideas help you to crush your daily protein goal!

Question of the Day

What are YOUR favorite sources of protein? 

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