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A Little Valentine’s Day Celebration

Good morning, friends!

I am feeling TIRED this morning. We had quite the interesting night. Well, maybe “interesting” isn’t the right word to use, but I didn’t sleep all that much.

So, at 2:30 AM this morning, Mal wakes me up because he hears something, but can’t tell what it is and where the sound is coming from. I’m half asleep and wearing ear plugs, so it takes me a little while to figure out what’s going on. We keep hearing the sound over and over again, so we start guessing… is it the heat? Alexa? Something outside? It eventually gets quieter and stops, so we give up and go back to bed. Maybe 10 minutes later, we hear the sound again. This time, we get out of bed and look around the house. It’s the weirdest noise, and we can’t figure out where it’s coming from – it actually sounds like it’s moving to different parts of the house. Finally, Mal opens the window shade in our bedroom and sees a family of foxes outside. They look sort of panicked running around, so we finally put the pieces together and decide that the weird noise we are hearing is their barking. The foxes eventually run off into the woods and we no longer hear them, so we finally went back to bed.

This morning, I did some Googling and, sure enough, foxes have an “alarm bark,” which sounded exactly like what we heard. So, there’s a fun animal fact for you this morning. I hope the fox family was okay!

Speaking of families, we had a nice little Valentine’s Day celebration last night. Quinn remembered there were “prizes” waiting for him as soon as he got home (he was so excited, he didn’t even want to take off his jacket!), so we opened them immediately.

We got Quinn a few small prizes and some candy. Mal and I kept our gifts under $20 – and made sure to stick to the rule that we set! I got him coffee and Peanut M&Ms (his fav). Recently, Mal has been experimenting with half caf iced coffee (1/2 caffeinated, 1/2 decaf), but struggled to find a good decaf one. I found one from Starbucksa strong caffeinated one, and the combination was definitely a winner this morning. Mal raved about his iced coffee a few times! 🙂

Mal got me Booty Bands from the Tone It Up gals! I have a couple pairs of leggings to model in the coming months, so I need to get my booty in shape!

I received a bunch of questions about my collagen of choice, so just wanted to share a few more details. I buy the brand below from Amandean.

I like it because it’s wild-caught, non-GMO, affordable (per ounce), and it’s delivered right to my front door via Amazon Prime. I use marine collagen instead of beef because I have a sensitivity to beef (according to the LEAP test).

Question of the Day

Do you LOVE Valentine’s Day or just feel meh about it? 

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Loved It.

Hope you all had a LOVEly day yesterday!! I had a soccer game scheduled for 8pm on Valentine’s night (great timing, SOCA), so we didn’t have any date night plans. But we go out to dinner a lot, so we made up for it with little gifts of affection. Plus we had a yoga + Mezah lunch date on Tuesday, and that was romantic because I kept saying how much I looooove hot yoga and my lunch the whole time :mrgreen:

I put out chocolates and cards for the boys the night before. Mazen got a puppy dog from Grammie!

For VD breakfast, we had chocolate & strawberry smoothies (made with Vega chocolate powder, frozen berries, banana, oats, and milk).

I went to a program at Mazen’s school for the morning. We read books, sang songs, watched a puppet show, and had snack. It’s so unbelievably cute to watch the little kids in their everyday routine!

I had two chocolates for a snack! <3

For lunch I had leftovers that I reheated in 60 seconds: zucchini, meatballs, rice, and Greek yogurt.

Dinner was another early bite before soccer – quesadilla with spinach and cheese, plus more zucchini and more yogurt! Quesadillas give me lots of energy!

I went straight to bed after for a good night’s rest : )

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