Monday, April 2, 2018

Third Time’s a Charm Lamb Cake

Hi, guys!

Our Saturday started like most Saturdays: CrossFit followed by iced coffee and donuts from Coffee Shack.

But, after that, we headed straight to a local rink to take Quinn to his first “Learn to Skate” class.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up, so he didn’t get to skate, but we turned around the morning with a fun trip to the playground!

After some fun at the playground, we headed to Trader Joe’s to do our grocery shopping for the week. I actually hired one of our DTFN coaches to make my meal plan, so I can do it with our CNC Spring Nutrition Challenge Group. We start a week from today (April 9th), so if you’re thinking about signing up, there’s still time! FYI: I started my plan a week early, so I can provide some extra content to the group as well as you guys! 🙂

Back at home, we ate lunch and then mixed up the ingredients for our Easter lamb cake. Once the batter was in the mold and ready to go, I popped it in the oven and attempted to get Quinn down for a nap. He laid down in his bed for a little bit, but he ultimately decided he just wasn’t tired. He’s still a rockstar napper, but every once in awhile, he’ll straight up skip them, which is fine. I can tell when he needs a nap versus when he really doesn’t, and he didn’t seem all that tired on Saturday. But, for the record, we both ended up napping on the couch together for about an hour later that afternoon, which, of course, was awesome. Quinn snuggles are the best!!

Anyway, once the kitchen timer went off, I headed over to the oven to remove the lamb cake. I immediately noticed that a ton of the batter had leaked out. I didn’t overfill the mold or anything like that, so I was pretty surprised to see the mess. When Quinn and I were mixing the batter, we ran out of canola oil, so I substituted sunflower oil. Apparently, there’s a reason why people don’t typically bake with sunflower oil! 🙂

Since so much of the batter overflowed from the cake, the backside of the lamb was much smaller than the front and the neck was super fragile. I figured we’d let the cake fully cool and then attempt to frost it. Maybe a thick layer of frosting would give it enough support? Well, we managed to frost the cake and add some shredded coconut, but within minutes of us finishing, the head fell right off! Uggghhhh!

We couldn’t have a headless lamb cake for Easter, so I did my best to reattached it with toothpicks. Sadly, that didn’t work either.

At this point, the poor lamb cake was a total mess (we lost an ear too), so I headed to Stop & Shop to buy all of the ingredients – including more canola oil – to make it again.

The next morning, we made lamb cake #3, which turned out totally fine (it was definitely the sunflower oil that messed things up), but I was still nervous about transporting it in the car all the way to my Grammie’s house.

Thankfully, the lamb cake make it to her house in one piece, and I actually think it turned out the best out of the three we made! 🙂

Questions of the Day

Any funny baking disasters to share? 

How old was your kiddo when he/she stopped napping?

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Testimonial: with the Keto Masterclass my body is changing and getting stronger with every passing day.

Dear Mark: Coffee and Cancer, Beef Cheeks, Paleo Pancakes

3/25: Fitness & Eats from the Week

Hi, guys! Happy Monday to you!

I hope you had a nice Easter. I have a recap of ours coming soon, but I wanted to share my workouts from last week as well as some of the delicious eats that I enjoyed.

I’m glad I’ve finally got into a groove again with my workouts, and I’m finally feeling back to my old self again. As far as my eats go, I dined out quite a bit last week, so I did my best to keep things in check (I tracked macros during the day), but I definitely enjoyed myself too!


Sunday: Off

Monday: 4 miles

Sneakers: Brooks Boston Launch 5 (aka “Boston Marathon Lobster Sneakers”) 

Tuesday: CrossFit

I can’t remember how long this workout took me to finish, but I remember the HSPUs kicking my butt. The #105 Power Cleans were pretty heavy for me, so, mixed with DUs, the HSPUs were just not happening. I did maybe 10 total and then switched to two mats and then Tiger Push-Ups. HSPUs and I just weren’t meant to be.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit

I went to the 5:15 AM class on Thursday morning, so this workout felt especially tough at that hour of the day. The Wallballs and Bike were “fun,” and the T2B took me forever. But, hey, it was definitely a good one, and I was WIDE AWAKE when I left class! 🙂

Friday: CrossFit

This workout was short and sweet… and much harder than expected! I used a band for the Ring Dips.

Saturday: CrossFit

I liked this partner workout a lot! I used #75 for the Snatches, but by the time we got to the #95 Clean + Jerks, I was dying. I did them one at a time. Holy heavy!


Drinks and apps at Rustic Kitchen with one of my old DTFN clients! It was so nice to catch up and enjoy some delicious food together!

A full day of eats! Top right to left, top row: Rice cake with peanut butter, collagen, and cinnamon; carrot spirals, kale, and chicken sausage; kale and broccoli slaw salad (from Trader Joe’s) with haddock on top. Bottom row: 3 Seed Beet Crackers (from Trader Joe’s); birthday cake; grain-free waffle with strawberries and bacon.

Simple, but delicious dinner! Cauliflower pizza crust (from Trader Joe’s) with a spinach salad with Tahini Dressing on top.

Happy hour cheese plate from Scarlet Oak Tavern – a weekly tradition with Mal! 🙂

Fried Brussels sprouts from Rivershed. My gosh, these were incredible!! If you’re local, YOU NEED TO TRY THESE!

Question of the Day

How often do you typically dine out each week?

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The Easter Turtle

Hello from Bald Head! We’re here for the week for Mazen’s Spring Break and staying in our family’s house, which has been officially named Marsh Onward! We arrived on Saturday and couldn’t wait to settle in. It’s just so beautiful in here.

Saturday night the island held its monthly Howl At The Moon event on East Beach. They provide a main dish and everyone brings a potluck dish to share. A bagpiper comes out to serenade the group while we watch the moonrise – and howled of course!

It was quite chilly out on the beach, so soup was the perfect choice!


The community contributions were great – cheese and crackers, pizza, dips, sandwiches, and desserts.

It was windy though, so we barely made it to moonrise!

On Easter morning we were greeted with warm sunshine.

I had a banana with almond butter for a small breakfast, and we waited for the arrival of the Easter Turtle! Since the Easter Bunny can’t swim across the island, the Easter Turtle helps him out with island deliveries. Mazen got a Pirate-themed basket!

We had an Easter egg hunt to rush to next at the Club, and although we were on time, we missed the 5 year old heat. Mazen went with the older kids who were very competitive, and he only got one egg. He was happy though because it had an Air Head inside. Looks like the Easter Bunny was tired out from a night of delivering baskets!

Not to worry though, because back at the house we had a special egg hunt for him to do himself. Nona and John sent a basket with eggs, and Thomas hid them in the back yard. M had a blast finding them in palm trees and under logs.

Next up was a simple brunch of eggs, bacon, toast and fruit.

We relaxed all afternoon. Mom and I went on a pretty walk.

And Mazen and Thomas spent the better part of an hour like this:

We took naps, went for a short run, played football, and showered up for dinner. Look who got dressed and did his hair all by himself! I think he grew up overnight.

Cocktail hour + wine and beers for all (well except the littlest person!)

We cooked steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus for the main course.

And I brought Sweet Haus cake in a jar from Cville for dessert!

Layers of cake, cookie dough frosting, buttercream, and sprinkles on top!

I’ll be unplugging some this week and popping in here and there to share more of our week. Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments on my last post. You guys are the best.

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