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From Bleach To Boss Tweed: Our New Pottery Barn Couch

So long, white couch. I loved you before I was a dog mama.

This couch has actually had a very long life. It started out in Karen’s formal living room back in the late 1990s. We inherited it when we moved into our first apartment out of college, and it traveled to 3 houses before I had her re-upholstered.

I don’t regret going white because bleach and machine washing kept her looking good for years. Until Gus arrived! I tried everything to get the bottom brown stains out, but nothing seemed to crisp her up, and I couldn’t take off the bottom upholstery to wash. Stanley Steamer gave her a go and I didn’t think it looked a lick better when they left. (I guess I never tried hosing it down outside with bleach, but I wasn’t willing to go that far!)

You can see that the cushions were showing their age as well and were quite saggy. The sofa is a few decades old. But Karen will be the first to tell you that it’s very well made! I loved it for over 10 years, but Thomas and I were ready for something a bit more plush. Something that we could both comfortably fit on without having to sit with our feet on the floor. And something Gus friendly. (Surprisingly Mazen never spilled anything bad on the couch.)

I mentioned a few weeks ago we were couch shopping and looking at Sunbrella fabrics. Since I have a Pottery Barn card (and love those rewards) and we have PB here in Cville and because we felt strongly about actually sitting on a couch before we bought it, we ultimately chose the PB Comfort Roll Arm in the chaise + loveseat combination. I waited for a friends and family discount and we snagged 20% off the purchase one weekend, saving us nearly $1,000 combined with a reward coupon.

Don’t mind the wrinkles – I took these photos just hours after the couch was delivered.

First, we know she’s a big one! Maybe a wee bit too big for this room. But Thomas can stretch out on the chaise while Mazen and I snuggle on the loveseat, so it’s a huge win for our growing family. It’s also a million times more comfortable with huge plush, much deeper cushions. So cozy!!

The fabric is the Performance Sunbrella Boss Tweed in the color Pebble. It’s hard to see, but it has a lovely herringbone pattern that I love. I gave this fabric a good test run on the same and got chocolate and olive oil to come right out. It’s supposed to be one of the best stain-proof fabrics on the market! But I’m still scared to test out the real thing. The bottom is also slip covered, so if it does turn a little brown at the edges, this time I can remove it for cleaning.

I am still swapping the pillows around to find the combo I like the best. Our house accidentally turned ALL GRAY! I thought the couch was a bit more in the tan family, but it arrived looking quite gray, which is fine because it’s my current favorite color. But with darker gray armchairs, gray walls and a light gray couch, we need to really accessorize with some color!

Note the armchair is covered in stain-fighting Sunbrella too! I have had them almost a year and they have yet to show a spot. The matching one was moved upstairs to the master to make a little more room in here.

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Memorial Day Weekend (+ Summer) Getaway Bags

Can you believe that Memorial Day and July 4th weekend are just around the corner?! Summer is almost here, which means lots of weekend getaways and quick overnight trips. I don’t know why it seems so much easier to pack up and go in the summer season, but I love it!

After our recent weekend away in Vermont, I was looking through my duffles/totes and realized it was time for an upgrade. It’s so nice to have a grab-and-go bag that’s the perfect size to fit just the necessities for a few days, and I really needed a new one. I did some online shopping at a few of my favorite sites and wanted to share my tops picks for overnight bags. Key elements that I looked for: Stylish, sizable (but not HUGE), high quality, and at a reasonable price point. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, but you get what you pay for, and I wanted a bag that would get lots of use and last for a long time!

I hope these bag suggestions help you with your shopping and you snag one for a fun weekend getaway! Any guesses to which bag I ultimately purchased? 🙂

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Classic Tote Convertable Weekender Woven Rugby: I love the casual summertime look of this cute weekend tote. It has a convenient detachable shoulder strap, which is perfect for trips you might have overpacked or decided to carry light. The price tag isn’t too bad at $148, which might be a splurge, but it’s so versatile I could see myself using it for years.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Shipshape Bag: I love this combo of stylish (via Stella McCartney) mixed with sporty (via Adidas). The simple black and white goes with just about anything because, as you know, I’m super fashionable at all times and definitely don’t want to clash. I’m kidding, of course! But, for me, the basic colors make it easy to stay stylish without worrying about crazy color clashes. This bag also comes in pink and black, which is super cute. A slight splurge at $170, but I could totally use this as a gym bag, so it’s multi-purpose!


Lacoste Concept Travel Bag: How chic is this colorful bag? I’d love to use it for a romantic weekend getaway with Mal! 🙂 It’s a little fancier than the casual look I typically go for, but it’s definitely a beautiful bag. It’s also really roomy inside, so perfect for those of us who tend to overpack. At $120, it’s a nice treat to feel fancy for a weekend away. This bag also comes in black, navy, and orange.

Le Pilage Expandable Travel Bag: This is a super practical weekend bag for any ladies who love to shop on vacation and come back with more than they left with – or hey, you’re just an over-packer. No shame! 🙂 This bag expands and has lots of pockets to keep you organized. I always find myself digging to the bottom of a huge bag if there aren’t pockets to keep my smaller items nice and neat, so this bag really helps with that nonsense. It also comes in 9 colors, so lots of options! This is definitely the high-ticket purchase at $255, but you could always request it for your next birthday! Plus, it has so many awesome features, you’ll use it for years and years!

Sole Society Canvas Overnight Bag: I love this bag for its cute look and great price point. Who doesn’t love a deal! At only $75, this canvas bag could be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. My favorite feature is the separate bottom compartment designed to hold shoes you might not want to be mixed in with your clothes. It’s practical yet still stylish – my kind of accessory! This bag also comes in black and olive in addition to this natural color below.

Question of the Day

What do you look for in an overnight bag?

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