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Guide to Hassle-Free Macro Tracking

Hi, guys!

Macro counting is quite the trend these days. Obviously, I believe in using tracking as a health and weight loss tool. I mean, I’m all about carrots and cake!

Macros, as a framework, is great for so many reasons. Personally, it keeps me “honest” about my nut butter (and wine) obsession, but I know the pros and cons of the process, especially working with nutrition clients over the years. It’s exciting to “hit your macros” and see progress, but sometimes tracking becomes a bit addictive or overwhelming if you want to be “perfect” all the time.

In my opinion, accepting the fact that you’re perfectly imperfect is a much healthier lifestyle. If anything, counting macros gives you the freedom to enjoy any food that you want, as long as you balance the rest of your choices. And, if you don’t balance those choices to a tee, it’s not the end of the world. Macros keep you in line, but they are not the end all, be all, domination of your diet. Healthy eating is not black and white, and tracking macros can really help you thrive in the daily gray area!

For me, macros have an important place in my life, but they are not my WHOLE life. I use them as a guide for mindful choices in my diet, especially with regards to building well-balanced, satisfying meals and snacks. It’s also helpful to see when I’m eating too much junk!

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It’s all about a healthy balance – with both food and mindset alike – so I created this “Macro Tracking Without the Hassle” guide to share some of my tips for tracking without being obsessed with the numbers and making yourself crazy. It also includes 3 of my favorite macro-friendly recipes! To access, this FREE guide, just click here to sign up!

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Orangetheory Versus Fitbit + New Favorite Overnight Oats Recipe

Hi, guys!

So… I apologize. I stink at live blogging – at least during the summer. With Mal and Quinn home, every day is a little bit different, so I’m juggling home life and work life, and it’s not always easy to hop on my laptop whenever I want. I think when we get back into a routine for the school year, the live blogging will be easier. In the meantime, please enjoy random updates from me every couple of days. Life is about balance, right? 😉

This morning kicked off with a delicious bowl of overnight oats. I made this combination over the weekend, and it turned out so well (super thick, not too sweet), so now I’ve rocked it every morning this week. Holy yum!

After breakfast, we got ourselves ready for the day. We dropped off Quinn at school, who requested that I “act like Murphy” when I said goodbye. Mal and I then headed to Orangetheory for a workout.

We lovvvvve OTF, but the location closest to our house is really not that close, so we only get there every other month or so. It’s always a good time though – I especially loved today’s strength workout. It had some longer incline intervals on the treadmill and then some awesome lower body strength movements on the floor.

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Sneaker star of the day: His and hers Launch 5! FYI: Women’s and men’s are on sale right now! 🙂

I wanted to test out my Fitbit Versa compared to the OTF heart rate monitor that I usually wear. The results were not too far off. I used the generic “workout” mode on my Fitbit and then wore my OTF monitor on my other wrist.

The calories burned are a bit higher on the OTF monitor, but not by much, and the average heart rate was the same. Not too shabby, right?

I’m actually pretty happy about this because now I can just wear my Fitbit to OTF and not bother with the heart rate monitor anymore. I like seeing my stats on the TV screen, but I’m okay looking down at my watch every once in awhile too.

Question of the Day

OTF peeps: What do you wear to track your workouts? 

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