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What I’m Loving Lately 123

Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a fabulous week!

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I like the Thursday edition of “What I’m Loving Lately”, so I think it’ll become a regular weekly feature. They’re fun for me to write and you guys really seem to enjoy them, so let’s keep ’em alive and publish them on Thursdays. Boom. Decision made! 🙂 That way, you still have a random blog post surprise coming to you on Fridays. I like that I can switch it up from week-to-week and keep you guys guessing! Haha!

Chocolate Donut Seasoning – One of my nutrition clients recently told me about this seasoning – and, of course, I had to order it immediately. Chocolate Donut Seasoning? What the what!?! I just received it the other day and, OMG, it’s incredible! I can see myself using this ALLTHETIME!!!

Meal timing and weight loss: Does it matter when you eat? – We all know that WHAT you eat can impact your weight and your overall health, but it seems that WHEN you eat can also play a role.

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Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans – Heyyyy, $38 jeans. Sign me up! This pair is also $38 – I like the cutoff style!

Brooks Levitate 2 – How beautiful are these sneakers?!? I love, love, love the brightly-colored knit pattern. My friends from Brooks sent me the new Levitate 2 to try… and, boy, are they a comfy ride. They have neutral support with super springy DNA AMP cushioning and an overall lighter feel than some of my other Brooks sneakers. I’m definitely a fan! And, again, can we talk about how pretty they are!?

Flaxseed – Good or Bad? – Flaxseed is pretty controversial in the health community, so this was an interesting blog post.

Elbow Patch Stripped Shirt – I received a ton of questions about my stripped shirt with elbow patches, so I wanted to mention it again – as well as this similar stripped shirt, but it doesn’t have a hood.

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream – I’ve started to use this sleeping cream as part of my evening skin care routine, and I’m in lovvveee. It’s a wonderful blend of hyaluronic acid, plum oil, and tara gum – all of which helps to replenish hydration and revitalize skin while you sleep. My skin definitely looks smoother, softer, and more radiant in the morning. If you’re in the market for a new night cream, I highly recommend THIS ONE!

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl – This oldie, but goodie recipe made a reappearance this week, and I don’t know HOW I forgot about it?! It’s so dang delicious!

Amazon Explore – Mal recently told me about Amazon Explore, and I’m seriously obsessed. It’s basically a cool curated space – everything from the best in women’s fashion and kitchen gadgets to finds for little kids and work space accessories. There are just so many fun products, gadgets, and more! There’s even a “picky eaters” sub section with so many great ideas! “Coffee, Books & Rain” pillow? Adorable.

Columbia Winter Wander Lined Full Zip – How cozy does this fleece look? It comes in 3 different colors, and i’s only $64 right now with free shipping! 

CAVA – I had my first CAVA experience this week, and it did not disappoint. Their menu is Mediterranean-inspired, and you customize your meal to fit your tastes preferences. It’s basically “build your own bowl,” and, my gosh, it’s delicious! There’s a new CAVA location at the Derby Street Shoppes, and I’m excited to partner with the brand in the coming months. Do you have a CAVA near you? We’re going to host a gift card giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, you can get $3 to spend at CAVA by signing up here!

A top Cornell food researcher has had 13 studies retracted – This article was super interesting!

Question of the Day

Have you ever tried CAVA? Thoughts? 

P.S. There’s only 3 days left to save on the Ultimate Detox System! Now through Sunday, September 30th, customers will enjoy $30 OFF the original retail price when they purchase an Ultimate Detox System – NOW just $160 per system, which is definitely expensive, but worth every penny. My annoying menstrual symptoms have been nearly non-existent since I started using it. I actually might purchase another one myself!

Additionally, I’ve received a ton of questions about my experience with CBD oil. I’m working on creating an email education series, so if you’re interested in learning more, please sign up here!

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Meal Prep High-Protein Italian Pasta Bake

We’re in full on back-to-school mode over here – and that also means we’re back on the meal-prep train. If summer is busy, I’m inclined to say fall is even busier. There’s something about the leaves beginning to change colors and the cooler mornings and nights that kind of spurs on the feeling of reset, especially when it comes to prioritizing healthy habits. But with mornings flying by in a crazy rush to get everyone out the door in (mostly) one piece and the rest of the day focused on work, work, work, all I want is our evenings to be full of rest, relaxation, and soaking up the gorgeous fall weather before winter arrives.

This means that dinner needs to be something I can get on the kitchen table in no time – and if I can prep it beforehand, even better! I’m always on the hunt for tasty meals that will last throughout the week, but don’t require a ton of effort. And as much as I love an amazing culinary experience as the next foodie – sometimes a gal just wants to EAT.

That’s why I absolutely rely on “staple” recipes such as this High-Protein Italian Pasta Bake. I’ve heard it from you guys time and again (and experienced it myself) – hitting your daily protein goal is hard with a capital H. Protein is an essential building block for our bodies, but can be difficult to fit enough in, especially if you’re super busy. It’s fairly easy to find on-the-go carb and fat-based snacks, but coming across a piece of grilled chicken at a convenience store is a bit harder (and, truthfully, not very appealing). That’s why I try to incorporate ways to bump up this super important macronutrient in traditionally lower-protein meals to get in extra servings.

You’re probably thinking that a pasta dish can’t possibly be considered high-protein, but believe me, this one is – clocking in at a whopping 32 grams per serving! It’s made with Banza’s high-protein and gluten-free chickpea-based pasta, which has an average of 25 grams of protein (compared to the standard 13 grams), almost 20% less carbs, and 10 more grams of fiber than standard pasta. Pair that with delicious ground beef and mozzarella cheese – and you’ve got a super easy and tasty way to hit your daily protein goals!

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This dish is ridiculously quick to prepare (literally throw all ingredients in the oven and bake for 10 minutes) and requires few ingredients – but you would never know it. It’s freaking delicious, nutritious, and tastes even better the next day – truly the best of both worlds!









































And the best part? This recipe is not only great for weekday meal prep – it can both feed and please a crowd! Serve this at your next fall get-together. No one will believe how little time it took to whip up! Sneaky healthy game day eats, anyone?

While I love a beautifully prepared meal, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. And if your days are anything like mine, then this super satisfying, healthy and protein-packed take on a classic is meant for you. Make things easier for yourself this season and nix the time spent slaving away in the kitchen! Wouldn’t you rather spend it enjoying all the fun fall activities, anyway?


Meal Prep High-Protein Italian Pasta Bake


  • 4 ounces Banza pasta of choice
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 cup frozen chopped peppers and onions
  • 1 cup marinara sauce
  • 2 tbsp Italian (or pizza) seasoning
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella


Cook pasta as directed. Drain water and set aside.

Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook ground beef, breaking it up with a wooden spoon while it cooks. Once meat is fully cooked, add peppers and onions and pizza seasoning to skillet.

Once meat mixture is well-combined, transfer it to a large mixing bowl along with pasta, marinara sauce, and egg. Mix ingredients well.

Pour ingredients into a small rectangular (or square) baking dish and top with mozzarella cheese.

Bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is fully melted.

Serve immediately!


  • Serving Size: 4
  • Fat: 16
  • Carbohydrates: 21
  • Protein: 32

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Brighten Up Eats

Nothin’ like a smoothie to brighten up a rainy day!

Sub-Zero Superfoods sent me a sample pack of their blend-at-home smoothies. They’re similar to Daily Harvest in that they put pre-portioned, superfood ingredients into a frozen cup delivered to your doorstep and you just add milk and blend when you’re ready to eat. They offer a great variety of options too – some with rice protein, low sugar, collagen for all you collagen peeps, bowls with granola included (that’s what I have above!) and some with greens. All have been tasty and on par with smoothies I’d get in a fancy smoothie shop.

I’ve obviously been on a total smoothie kick lately. Mazen loves the chocolate-peanut butter-banana combo so I make those for his breakfast the majority of the time. (Usually plus a slice of whole wheat toast.) He often only drinks half the smoothie for breakfast and I save the rest for later. And sometimes I finish his half eaten toast with my smoothie! Granola on top of this one.

Yogurt, nectarine, granola + almond butter parfaits are pretty regular too! I can tell I’m about to enter the hot breakfast phase of life, as it’s been a bit chilly some of these past mornings. Can’t wait for cozy bowls of oatmeal! I might have to bring back rice cooker oats when the baby comes. Or do a big batch of whipped banana that I can reheat.

Hillary and I recently had lunch at our new Cava! They had so many great toppings, and my bowl was fab. Loved the watermelon lemonade too!

On a particularly rainy day I whipped up a bowl of Vie’s Quick Tomato Soup. It’s so simple – garlic (and onion if you want) plus fire roasted tomatoes, broth, half and half, and some spices. Blend it up and you have a homemade tomato soup. On the side I made a Sunshine Burger on a whole wheat English muffin. The brand sent me a few coupons to try them out, and I like that they’re made with real food and not soy! There’s ketchup, mustard, and pickle on there too – you just can’t see it!

Mazey and I walked downtown with our friends for Splendora’s Gelato recently. The neighbors gave him a gift card for his birthday – what a perfect gift idea! I’m going to get a few myself to give out. #minimalism

He was very proud to buy my ice cream with his “credit card.”

Mini scoop of salted caramel with heath bar – woo hoo!

My biggest dinner win last week was a turmeric crockpot pineapple chicken that I made YEARS ago and one of you told me was one of your favorite recipes! I put it on our meal plan and it was a hit. Love that sweet-savory pineapple!

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