Monday, November 5, 2018

Weekend Top 5 [Cousins Like Siblings]

Hi, guys! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

I feel like I haven’t recapped a weekend on the blog in ages now, so I wanted to start a new weekly series to share the highlights with you. I often share tidbits of our weekend on Instagram Stories, but just in case you’re “unplugged” and missed them over the weekend, I wanted to blog about what we’ve been up to. That said, here are the “top 5” from the weekend!

1. Open swim with Quinn – I’m generally not a fan of swimming and typically avoid lakes, pools, and the ocean, but now that Quinn is loving swimming so much, I’ve been taking him to open swim at Goldfish and YMCA. We spent a ton of time at the pool on Friday and Sunday – we actually went 3 different times last week! I love that he loves the pool so much!

2. Stumbling upon this sweater – Oh my gosh, this sweater is everything, and I’m obsessed. I just need to decide which color to order – it comes in 11 different options!

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3. Fresh cider donuts from Hornstra FarmsHornstra truly has THE BEST cider donuts. They’re a little crispy on the outside and so soft and chewy on the inside. Yummm!

We actually ended up buying a dozen and bringing them to my cousin Meeghan’s house for dessert after dinner. They were a HUGE hit. I actually think we ate them all! 🙂

4. Cousin’s dinner – Growing up, I spent soooo much time with my cousins. Looking backing, they were basically like sisters to me. Summers were spent at Grammie’s house playing around the pool and weekends were spent sleeping over at one another’s houses, and some of the best memories I have are ones that we made together. As we’ve grown into adulthood, our schedules have gotten much busier, so we don’t see each other as much, but we still make it a point to hang out – and when we do, we pick up right where we left off. We laugh SO MUCH! It’s like nothing has changed over the years! 

5. Walk Challenge Kick-Off – The 10,000 Steps Per Day Challenge kicked off on Sunday, and I’m so excited to have a daily fitness goal to keep me motivated as we move into the busy holiday season. If you’re interested in joining, you can still sign up!

Question of the Day

Are you close with your cousins? 

With Quinn likely being an only child, I am so happy that he has so many cousins around his age. I hope he’s able to grow up with them and experience the same special relationships that I did! 

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Weekly Link Love—Edition 2

Motherhood I

Grammie and Pea are here! Grandbaby number three for them! They got here on Saturday and are staying for a couple of days.

This time the snake is fake!!


We had a little birthday party for Pea (November 1 birthday!) out by the fire pit yesterday.

Complete with afternoon smores and pumpkin beers!

When Grammie comes to town, the family room becomes a giant animal party. I don’t go down there until it gets cleaned up at the end because I can’t handle the chaos! Exhibit A:

Here are some updates!

On Birch!

^^ Fox outfit! I love everything Kickee pants! The fabric is SO soft!

We are loving every inch of this little squish!! (I just typed squash – haha! #fall) So far he’s been pretty easy to sooth, and we’re just rotating eat / sleep / eat / sleep round the clock. The Dock-a-Tot has been awesome to have on the couch as a little nest that keeps him safe from rambunctious six-year-olds and drooling dog, but I can’t say he really loves it. He’s happy in it for about 15-20 minutes after nursing or while he’s alert. I’m glad we have it though because it prefer it to an on-the-floor bouncy seat.

We’ve been doing a ton of baby wearing. I posted on Instagram about the Solly baby wrap and many of you swore by it. My friend Tricia dropped hers off on my doorstep the next day! I like it a lot more than my Boba because the fabric is SO soft and thin and it’s not quite as stretchy as the Boba. Thomas likes it too!

Our first night home Thomas basically sat up all night holding B in an armchair skin-to-skin alternating with me nursing. Birch was not happy with any flat-on-the-back sleeping situation, including his Halo Bassinet. The following night we brought up the old rock n play that I found a few weeks ago under a bed (thankfully!) and had a MUCH better time. (I consulted with our pediatrician at our Friday appointment and she said it’s fine for newborn use but to try to transition to the bassinet periodically until he likes it. I caved and bought the newborn insert for the Halo and that is coming today, so I will report back on if he likes that too. I’d love to have him in the Halo so he’s at a good height next to my bed.

I’ve actually been getting up and sitting in the arm chair in our room to nurse. I find it’s easier to hold him with My Breast Friend (<– a must have!) in a chair with arms than in my bed, even if it means getting up. I put a robe over my shoulders and a blanket in my lap and we are quite cozy! I often have a snack and text with other moms. I actually look forward to these middle of the night sessions. It’s the soothing back to sleep part that I dread a little (thankfully Thomas has been helping with that!)

Lastly, we also tried the Ollie swaddle that my sister bought us on night two and LOVE it. It’s so simple to put on, and I love the thick fabric. Birch seems to like it too, and while he has managed to get his little hand out once or twice, I think those times we just didn’t get it quite snug enough. I am thinking of getting a second one and sticking to using it for the long term. The big swaddle blankets are great, but I can put on the Ollie in about 2 seconds and those seconds are precious when baby is crying.

On Activity

^^Our first stroller walk around the block!

KERF’s gonna be heavy in the baby department for a while, but I promise I do intend to get back into food + fitness eventually. I am emotionally and limb-ready to get out there and go for a run, but my core and pelvic floor are no where near ready to do anything but walk around the block. I met up with Carly and Erica who also just had babies for a quick walk in the neighborhood. It felt so great to get outside, but after about 30 minutes I could tell that my abs and other areas were so weak that I had to spend the next hour on the couch resting! One day at a time.

5 days + 4 weeks  + 8 days

On Food

While I was in the hospital I was FAMISHED. I literally ate anything that was put in front of me – Poptarts (hadn’t had one in 20 years!), peanut butter crackers, mediocre hospital food. I ate a bowl of plain oatmeal topped with butter and proclaimed it the best bowl of oatmeal ever (haha).

Back at home I’m eating healthier, and my appetite is stabilizing. Our neighbors brought us the best box of breakfast goodies from Albemarle Baking Company. That muffin was the bomb! (Do people still say that?!)

Thomas and I ate rotisserie chicken two nights in a row with some sides from the Whole Foods hot bar, and now that my parents are here we have an assortment of options. Mom brought mac and cheese and chili and Thomas smoked a pork shoulder yesterday.

Mom’s apple crisp!

On Brothers

Gussie and Mazen are adjusting to their new brother nicely. Mazen is warming up day by day and takes a break from playing to run by to touch Birch’s head or give him a kiss. I’m usually yelling “hand sanitizer!!!” in the process because he’s also been playing well with the neighbors and the dirt outside! There’s only so much germ-coptering I can do though.

We gave B his first sponge bath and Mazen was a great helper with the washcloths. He did some washing too. He has zero interest in diaper changes though : )

That’s about all I have time to report on now. I’m hoping to work on Birch’s birth story in the next few days! I’d also love to share some of the must-haves I’ve loved postpartum this time around. All in good time 🙂

Finally, can someone recommend a really good de-puffing eye cream? I don’t feel as tired as my eyes look but they are so puffy! I used to have an amazing kind about 10 years ago but I don’t remember the name!

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