Monday, December 10, 2018

My DUTCH Test (Hormone) Results

Hi, friends!

I’m so excited to share this video with you. As you know, I love talking about all things hormones! 🙂

As you might remember, I’ve had some wacky hormone stuff going on since Quinn was born nearly 4.5 years ago. I’ve worked with Kristin from Thrive by Food for several months now, and she suggested the DUTCH test to figure out what was going on with my hormones. DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.

In this video, she discusses my personal results as well as how the DUTCH test works, its benefits, and what information it provides. She also briefly discusses some of her supplement recommendations to me.

About Tina’s Results from Kristin: 

The DUTCH Test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) is the most advanced test for hormones. Tina’s results showed that her progesterone levels, a master hormone in the body, is on the high end of the range. We also see that her testosterone is on the low end of the range (we want to see that a bit higher as that’s a hormone we women need in order to feel well). Last, her estrogen average is well in range, which is a good sign. Digging into her other estrogens later on in the test, however, we see that two of her estrogens, estrone and estradiol, are in range, but her estriol is quite low in comparison. This is a common pattern I see, and it means we need to help the body better metabolize estrogens so they can all even out. 

Comparing her three main hormones, we can see that she has testosterone deficiency because it’s lower than estrogen and progesterone, which correlates to many of the symptoms she came to me about. There is also a relative estrone dominance, which could mean the body is having trouble clearing it. This can result in outward manifestations of acne on the face as the body is trying to detox. 

Her adrenal hormones were in range but there is some tweaking that needs to be addressed. Her metabolized cortisol levels (the amount of cortisol the body produces to give us energy for the day) is nice and in range, but her 24 hr free cortisol (the amount of circulating cortisol in the body) is higher. This indicates that the body is holding onto cortisol as a stress reserve, so it’s one of our goals to reduce stress in the body and get her out of fight and flight. Her DHEA levels, which is an anabolic hormone that helps to counter the effects of cortisol, is in range but a bit lower than cortisol, which can indicate the body is having a hard time keeping up with stress. 

Last, we see that she’s deficient in vitamin B12, a major nutrient input to the hormone production process, and she’s also deficient in glutathione, the body’s main antioxidant. This also correlates with her high oxidative stress, meaning there is some damage in the body that needs to be healed. This alone could be a big stressor to the adrenal glands, so by helping the body to heal, we can then allow the adrenals to do their job better. We also see that she has a few neurotransmitter imbalances which relate to some of the symptoms she came to me about as well. By addressing damage in the body, switching the body from fight and flight to rest and digest through adaptogens and hemp oil, and continuing to work on her gut health, we should see these levels even out. 

Overall, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER with regard to my hormones. There are some things that I am still working on, but looking back at the quiz that took in The Hormone Cure at the beginning of my journey, I’ve come SO FAR with regard to my hormonal symptoms. Fixing your hormones definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but working with Kristin and receiving this information from the DUTCH test has made a huge different in my progress!

If you’re interested in learning more about the DUTCH test and/or working with Kristin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her. And, of course, if you have any specific questions for me, just let me know. I’m more than happy to chat about hormone stuff – it’s my favorite topic! 🙂

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Take a healthy snack wherever you go… (Protein Powder Travel Packs!)

What’s the hardest time to stick to your healthy habits? For me, it’s when I’m either pressed for time, on the go, or in a place with no healthy food options. Especially this time of year, when we are traveling to visit with family and running around like crazy trying to get a million things done. It’s HARD to find healthy, filling snacks when you’re out and about. Think about when you’re at…

  • The office
  • A restaurant or hotel
  • Your in-law’s house

There are times when it feels like you only have TWO options:

  1. Make a BAD food choice that leaves you feeling sluggish and sick.
  2. Starve, get “hangry,” and bite someone’s head off!

This isn’t your fault… When all the available food choices are full of additives and sugar, what are you supposed to do? 

When I used to travel a lot for work, I went to great lengths to bring healthy food and snacks with me. Now, I always keep a quick and easy snack in my purse, because I never know when I’ll need it. And I know I’m not the only one. A friend told me, “When I travel I put my Protein Powder in ziplock bags, and I get really weird looks!”

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Life Is Full of Adventure and Possibility

Adventures of Snow Dog

Raise your hand if you’re excited for snow!

(Not me. I like my sidewalks clear and temps above 50 please…) After going back and forth between a lot of snow and no snow at all, Winter Storm Diego finally got us.


Rewinding back to Friday….oatmeal for breakfast! With cottage cheese, bananas, and PB. I’ve been adding cottage cheese to my rice cooker oats because I can’t add milk if they’re going to sit out all night. So I make the oats with water and bump the protein/flavor with either cottage cheese, yogurt, or extra milk on top in the morning.

Our weather was great on Friday, and Birch and I walked downtown to go to the mothers group at Bend yoga.

Leftover chicken noodle soup and pita chips for lunch.

On Friday evening, Thomas and I were in for a real treat!! My facial friend Alyssa recommended her friend Ainslee who owns Hands of Healing Cville and does house calls. My upper back has been killing me since B came from breastfeeding, holding and wearing him all the time, but I didn’t know how I would be able to get a massage since I can’t leave him for long or bring him to a spa. I booked back-to-back massages for Thomas and me, and as you can imagine, it was the best thing ever! Ainslee brought her table, table warmer (!), sheets, blankets, and music.

Not only was it absolutely amazing to roll off the table, put on sweatpants, and simply be in my home, but Ainslee’s massage was probably the best I’ve ever had!! Thomas agreed. She did some amazing trigger point work on my upper back, and I felt so much better afterwards. Her rates are totally competitive with spas, so I don’t know if I will ever seek out a spa appointment again! I especially loved getting a massage in the evening, something I’m not sure I’ve ever done. Talk about an ideal date night in!

We had the last of the quiche and kale salad for dinner, and snuggled by the tree. That chorizo quiche was SO good!

Saturday AM breakfast was cheesy eggs, toast and OJ.

We hung around the house for most of the day doing chores and chillin’. Old Man Mazen doing some sketches :mrgreen:

I finished up my Plenty food for lunch.

On Saturday evening I had a holiday party invite and went out for the first time! Mazen mid floss <3

Beforehand I had dinner with the boys. We had some really yummy potstickers Eileen got us at Costco with rice, peppers, kale and a homemade teriyaki sauce.

Before you think I forced Thomas to say home and babysit, we had discussed plans for this evening for a while including no one going and getting our first babysitter. We decided together that I’d help get Mazen into bed and then I’d head out for just a bit, so it ended up working out just fine. Birch got a bottle, and I was home by 10pm and pumping.

It was very fun to be out with my girlfriends again!

On Sunday we woke up to the promise of snow flurries…which turned into a blizzard!

Birch didn’t seem to notice, but for the big boy the snow was VERY EXCITING!

(Magnetic Birch-themed jammies are here!)

Guess who else loved the snow!?

Thomas took Mazen out sledding with the neighbors mid-day and then they went to the UVA bball game together.

I had the last of our soup and crackers for lunch cozy inside.

When the boys arrived back from the game, I took Mazen out for round II of snow fun.

Back inside we got cozy on the couch.

We played “UVA sale” before bedtime.

And had breaded chicken with green beans and rice for dinner.

Snow dog is ready for day II!

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