Monday, January 28, 2019

Little Date, Big Date.

Weekend outings with bae ^^ I love how they are touching each other. It’s like he’s checking to see if she’s still there!

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Fridays have turned into ladies lunch out, and after going to mommy + me yoga at Bend, I met a few friends at Tilman’s for big salads and rose (naturally).

We split two honey lavender macarons four ways for dessert. These were jumbo and SO GOOD!

On Friday evening I was a lucky girl to go out again, this time with the fam. Silly Mazen.

We went to Burger Bach and had great customer service. Despite our 25 minute wait, the staff took care of us while we waited and brought out complimentary chips and guac to all the waiting patrons. It was much appreciated!

Mazey was in a good mood and we played this monster game while we waited for our burgers. We shared fries as well!

I had a burger with avocado, bacon, and cheese and brought half of it home. Love that their burgers come with side salads.

On Saturday AM, I went to my usual athletic conditioning/plyo/Afterburn Speed/dance class at 8am. I had my usual coffee, banana + PB before I left and a smoothie afterwards for second breakfast.

After a shower I was ready for Saturday fun.

I had my leftover burger half and an apple for lunch.

Sylvia Grace came over to play with Mazen for a bit which is always a nice break for me on the entertainment front. When Sarah picked Sylvia back up, she offered for Mazen to spend the night with them, a win-win for us all. They had an indoor camp out with sleeping bags and s’mores!

As a result, our afternoon was much quieter than anticipated 🙂

My brother in law, Clay, stopped by to show us his latest cutting board designs.

Are these not gorgeous?!!? I love the arranged the wood grain in this one:

Clay is a talented woodworker, and all of his boards are for sale for $75, shipping included. He can ship anywhere in the USA, and I would love you all to support him and buy one! The darker boards are made with Black Walnut and the lighter boards are Maple. They are hand made with love and look beautiful propped on the counters in a styled kitchen. We condition ours with this wax a few times a year, and it stays beautiful. If you’re interested, email

Thomas brought a million vegetables home from the grocery store at my request and we roasted them all to pair with dinners this week. Brussels and carrots on one and a medley of peppers, squash, zucchini, and broc on the other. They were all coated lightly in oil, S+P, and smoked paprika.

I also prepped a massaged kale salad with feta and roasted some sweet potatoes!

We had the veggies for dinner along with leftover orzo and some Butcher Box salmon topped with Countertop Foods Golden Butter (turmeric) and an applewood smoked rub.

We watched some shows while we nursed, played, and snuggled with little B.

Sunday mornings always have a special breakfast in store! A little Thomas omelet with veggies and cheese and toast with jam. Plus 2x coffee!

I spent the day sorting through the 3-12 month clothes of Mazen’s that I kept. I wonder which team Birchie will root for!

Here is the donate pile, which is going to my friend Hillary who is due with a boy in a few weeks. These are either already too small for B (so sad to be out of newborn and 0-3!) or just not my favorites of Mazen’s. I’m trying to keep Birch’s drawers thinned out!

Mazey came home for a bit before going to Matt’s for the night. Just long enough for some brotherly snuggles!

I did a super hard outdoor run with Aaptiv. Ackeem killed me with his sprints and tempo intervals! I covered about 4 miles and my legs were so tired all afternoon.

I had the last of our quiche, pita chips, and kale salad for lunch.

T and I went to Green Bean Baby Boutique to buy a gift for Hillary and also ended up purchasing this travel bag for the Cruz in anticipation of our spring break trip. I realized we’ll be gate checking the stroller and would be heartbroken if any airplane grease got on the beautiful canopy.

We ended the weekend on a high note with this epic cheese plate. (That’s another one of Clay’s boards!)

T smoked a pork butt on the Big Green Egg and we had that for a late dinner with veggies and mac and cheese.

the end.

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