Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Winter Is Still Coming

De ja vu. Here we are snowed in again. Thankfully we didn’t get the 10 inches we got last time, but it was enough to cancel school – probably through Wednesday. Ugh!!

On Friday night Thomas and I went on our first solo date since having Birch! Thomas’s mom, brother, and nephew came over to play with Mazen and B while we went to dinner. Do we look pumped!?


We landed at Mas where T’s sister in law took good care of us. It was funny that her boys were at our house and we were with her – family night! We ate all the food! Highlight was a mushroom tart. And the chocolate mousse!

Birch slept EIGHT HOURS on Friday night. He also looks so proud of himself for learning to put his toy in his mouth :mrgreen:

I went to ACAC for Chris’s class. I’m hoping this is my new Saturday routine! I had a smoothie with Sarah afterwards and coffee and toast before. It was a great class, as always!

Back at home we carried on with the weekend. Toys for the small…

And the big!

Thomas went to the gym mid morning and brought us Roots for lunch! I am loving the Mayweather kale salad bowls. I removed half and saved the other half for Sunday lunch.

On Saturday afternoon Mazen and I went out ahead of the snow for a little day date and shopping.

I was heading to the jewelry store to have my ring resized when it was so cold out that it fit! I probably still need to have it adjusted, though. It was fun to wear all day – I love it. Thomas and his mom gave it to me when Birch was born. It was her grandmother’s, and it’s the October birth stone – Opal!

A friend of mine had this jacket on last week and when I complimented her on it she said it was from Old Navy! So I went in search of it and bought it – in the lighter color (which is on sale for $22 as of this moment!). It ended up being $30 and although it’s fairly thin, I love the zip pockets. I only buy tops with zip pockets so my phone won’t fall out! Of course I also found a few other things – these high waisted leggings with mesh and this workout tank. I’ll report back if they are as great as the higher end brands!

Mazen saw these footie PJs and wanted to get them to be like his baby brother!! We ended up buying them in this pattern instead. He squeezed himself into a 5T and I couldn’t say no! (Plus they were 30% off). I looked high and low to find them matching with Birch, but they didn’t make these patterns in his size small enough.

We also went to Barnes and Noble for coffee/hot chocolate and some book hunting. Ready for bed a few hours later! (Note all the dog hair already on the footies – ugh!)

Once the boys were settled down, I had a little girls night to catch up with some friends. For the occasion, I ordered an abundance board from Plenty!

It was SO beautiful and a huge hit with my girlfriends!! We totally demolished it too – there was barely anything left at the end of the evening! Also this was my dinner : )

Birchie slept NINE hours on Saturday night – omg!! He was back to 5+4 on Sunday, but the fact that he has slept 7,8, and 9s is amazing at 2.5 months. I hope it continues!!

Thomas is big on weekend breakfast, and we had a biscuits from JM Stock, mini omelets, bacon and fruit.

There was massive Lego building this weekend before the snow accumulated enough for some sledding. Matt took Mazen out on Sunday, so T and I hunkered down at home and snuggled with the baby.

I started my Monday out like this:

Hope you guys had a good weekend! And I hope that our snow is melting fast.

from Kath Eats Real Food http://bit.ly/2TPikw0

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