Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Best Toys to Entertain Your Kid at a Restaurant

Hi, guys! Happy Monday Tuesday!

Mal is on school vacation this week, so I have NO IDEA what day it is. Ha! Anyway, I’m a little behind on recapping our weekend – and we’re doing our taxes today (uggghhhh) – so, hopefully, I’ll be all up-to-date soon. That said, here’s a recap from Saturday as well as some of our favorite toys for keeping Quinn entertained at restaurants!

Saturday morning started bright and early, so, by the time the sun came up, Quinn and I were MORE than ready for breakfast. He suggested pancakes (and we’re always excited when he wants to eat), so we got right to work in the kitchen. I love that he enjoys helping me cook! 🙂

On the menu: Our favorite pancakes, bacon, and fresh strawberries. Mmm! I’m actually not eating much gluten nowadays (well, ok, I will when special occasions pop up), so I whipped up a mix from Enjoy Life, which was actually really good – and it didn’t call for any eggs. I also added some collagen for an extra protein boost!

After breakfast, we headed to the YMCA for a workout and then to Dedham to get Mal’s phone fix. He had dropped it at the gym the other day and the screen died. Whomp whomp. While we waited for it to get fixed, we had lunch at the Yard House at Legacy Place.

Lunch was delicious – I opted for buffalo cauliflower and a shrimp street taco, which was a delicious combo. I mean, most of it was fried, but there were veggies and fish in the mix, so it was a little healthy, right? 🙂

We brought along a dinosaur sticker book to keep Quinn occupied, and it ended up being SUCH a big hit. I received questions all the time about Quinn’s favorite toys and activities, so I wanted to share some of the ones that we often bring with us to restaurants.

After lunch, we picked up Mal’s phone and then headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for some electrical experiments. We checked out Awesome Experiments from the library, so we had big plans for Saturday night!

Experiments and cheese crackers (from Brandless) FTW! 🙂

The rest of the evening involved watching Wall-E (such a cute movie) and snuggling on the couch.

Question of the Day

What are your favorite toys/activities for keeping your little ones entertained at restaurants?

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