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Overnight Protein Oats with Riced Cauliflower

Does Red Meat Give You Colon Cancer?

Have you heard? There’s a new “red meat will kill you” study. This time, it’s colorectal cancer.

Here’s the press release.

Here’s the full study.

I covered this a couple Sundays ago in “Sunday with Sisson.” If you haven’t signed up for that, I’d recommend it. SWS is where I delve into my habits, practices, and observations, health-related and health-unrelated—stuff you won’t find on the blog. Anyway, I thought I’d expand on my response to that study here today.

How the Study Was Conducted

It’s the basic story you see with most of these observational studies. Around 175,000 or so people were asked to recall what they ate on a regular basis—a food frequency questionnaire. This is the exact questionnaire, in fact. The research team took the answers, measured some baseline characteristics of all the subjects—socioeconomic status, exercise levels, whether they smoked, education level, occupation, family history of colorectal cancer, and a few others—and then followed up with participants an average of 5.7 years later to see how many had developed colorectal cancer.

What the Study “Showed”

Those who had moderate amounts of red meat had a 20% higher chance of getting cancer.

And in the end, the increased risk was a relative risk. It wasn’t a 20% absolute increase in risk. It was a relative increase in risk. The subjects started with a 0.5% risk of getting bowel cancer. In those who ate the most processed meat and red meat, that risk increased 20%—to 0.6%!

From 0.5 to 0.6%. Sure, that’s an increase, but is it something to overhaul your entire diet for? To give up the best sources of zinc, iron, B vitamins, protein, carnosine, creatine? All that for a measly 0.1% that hasn’t even been established as causal?

Study Findings Most News Outlets Won’t Include

One head scratcher that leaps out: the link between unprocessed red meat and colon cancer was not actually statistically significant. Only processed meat was significantly linked to colon cancer.

Another head scratcher: red meat, whether processed or unprocessed, had no significant association with colorectal cancer in women. Why didn’t they highlight the fact that in women, eating red meat was completely unrelated? That’s half the world’s population. That’s you or your mom, your daughter, your grandmother, your girlfriend. And unless they were to look at the full study and read the fine print, they’d never know that red meat actually had the opposite relationship. You’d think the authors would want to mention that in the abstract or see that the press releases and media treatments highlighted that fact.

It’s probably because mentioning that red meat was neutral in women and had no statistically significant link to colon cancer in men and women would have destroyed their case for red meat as an independent carcinogen. See, carcinogens are supposed to be carcinogens. There are many meaningful differences between men and women, but a poison is a poison.

What’s the proposed mechanism for red meat triggering colon cancer in men but not in women? If they didn’t have one (and I imagine they wouldn’t have mentioned it if they did), then there’s probably something else going on.

Besides, the literature is far from unequivocal.

What Other Research Says About Red Meat and Bowel Cancer

In analyses that include consideration of cooking methods and other mitigating factors, red meat has no relationship with colon cancer.

Or what about this study, where colon cancer patients were more likely to eat red meat, but less likely to have type 2 diabetes? Should people avoid red meat and work toward getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

Or how about this study, which found no difference in colorectal cancer rates between people who ate red meat-free diets and people who ate diets containing red meat? Shouldn’t the diet without any red meat at all have some effect?

Or this classic study, where rats on a bacon-based diet had the lowest rates of colon cancer. In fact, bacon protected them from colon cancer after they were dosed with a colon cancer promoter, while rats on normal “healthy” chow were not.

The Blind Spot In Red Meat Research

I don’t need to go into all the confounding factors that might predispose conventional red meat lovers to bowel cancer. Nor will I mention that it’s impossible to fully control for variables like the buns and bread and fries you eat the red meat with and the industrial seed oils it’s cooked in.

That last bit is crucial: the seed oils. It’s what nearly every cancer researcher misses. It’s not just a minor variable; it’s quite possibly the most important determinant of whether meat is carcinogenic in the colon or not. Heme iron—the compound unique to red meat that usually gets the blame for any increase in cancer—is most carcinogenic in the presence of the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid.

In one studyfeeding heme iron to rats promoted colon cancer only when fed alongside high-linoleic acid safflower oil. Feeding MUFA-rich and far more oxidatively-stable olive oil alongside the heme prevented the colon carcinogenesis.

Another study had similar results, finding that meats containing medium to high amounts of heme—beef and beef blood sausage—promoted carcinogenic conditions in the colon when the fat sources were linoleic acid-rich corn and soybean oil.

And most recently is this paper. Mice were split into three groups. One group got heme iron plus omega-6 PUFA (from safflower oil). One group got heme iron plus omega-3 PUFA (from fish oil). The third group got heme iron plus saturated fat (from fully hydrogenated coconut oil, which contains zero PUFA). To determine the carcinogenicity of each feeding regimen, the researchers analyzed the effect the animals’ fecal water (which is exactly what it sounds like) had on colon cells. The fecal water of both PUFA groups was full of carcinogenic indicators and lipid oxidation byproducts, and exposing colonic epithelial cells to fecal water from PUFA-fed mice was toxic. The coconut oil-derived fecal water had no markers of toxicity or lipid oxidation.

I never see these (animal) studies cited in observational studies of meat and colon cancer. I think that’s a huge blindspot, and it’s one of the reasons I rarely put any stock in these scary-sounding studies.

That’s it for today, folks. Thanks for reading. Now go enjoy a steak.



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Hot Shots

Mazen has really started to get into sports lately! I had never heard him mention baseball or basketball before, and he apparently knows about both. I assume from PE class or the school playground. Thomas had a lightweight bat and ball that we broke out on Saturday, and Mazen and Grammie played lots of ball-bouncing games during her visit. Matt took him to the Nike store here in town and he came home with the above head-to-toe outfit. He looks so grown up to me here! (Love the kicks!)

It was a sports weekend because the whole crew came to my soccer game on Sunday. I played over 90 minutes through, and boy was I beat by the end. I loved having everyone come to the game. I could hear Mazen cheering “Go Kaaaath” while I ran. Haha! I covered about 7 miles!  My legs were throbbing at bedtime and I couldn’t fall asleep until hours later when I covered them in DoTerra Deep Blue. It might have been a little too much soccer! On Monday I simply walked because I didn’t want to do anything more than stretching my legs.

Sunday night my parents babysat for us so T and I could go on a date. We tried to go to the new restaurant here, Little Star, but it was closed, so we ended up across the street at Oakhart Social. Can’t go wrong!

We shared the above shaved vegetable salad (which was SO good – the breadcrumbs!), the most delicious grilled carrots in a buttermilk dressing with candied pecans, lamb with grits, and this delish mushroom pizza.

Grammie and Mazen played a great restaurant game at home. Birch ordered a milkshake.

On Monday morning Pea got up early to walk Mazen to school with the neighbors. He said they squealed and ran the whole way like a pack of kids heading to Disney. How do they have so much energy!

Grammie and I stayed home and ate big bowls of oatmeal.

During Birch’s nap, I set Grammie up on the treadmill with a hike through Hawaii. She loved it! I’m trying to convince her how much she would love having a tread in her house. She might also love having a dog because Gussie is sure obsessed with his Grammie!

We were sad to send G+P on their way home so we had ice cream cones with sprinkles. I bought these Three Twins brand cones from Whole Foods and keep them in the freezer. They sure make ice cream extra fun!

We have been back to the usual weekly routine – kindergarten, momming, working, nursing, etc.

French toast with PB, mango and blueberries + kale salad with leftover pizza.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Euro Party Night

Yesterday was such a fun day for our little family, who, for the record, has some really great ideas for our Sunday afternoon. Mal had a random craving for a charcuteri board, and Quinn suggested a party, specifically a “party night.” We decided to combine their ideas for a “Euro Party Night” since stopping by our local Euro Mart was key to the evening.

If you’re local, you definitely need to check out this place. The imported cured meats are absolutely incredible. I actually didn’t know I liked salami until yesterday! It was so flavorful and not fake-tasting like a lot of grocery story salamis often are. The guy behind the counter actually said if he wants to impress someone, he’ll offer them a sample of the salami, and I definitely know why now. We were immediately sold! 🙂

The Euro Mart also sells Kinder Eggs, which are SO FUN, it’s hard to wait until you get home to open them!

Back at home, Quinn was in full on party mode. He was totally into it and took charge with the decorations and what needed to be done. Mal and I loved watching his “take charge” attitude and asked him if he wanted to moonlight as a party planner someday. His reply: an enthusiastic “YES!” FYI: Quinn’s dream (full-time) job is becoming an EMT with some party planning on the side.

Decoration highlights: A paper fan napkin holder for the Batman napkins, place settings that included a stripped straw + toothpick, and sparkly Thanksgiving centerpieces. I helped Quinn with the food, but he set the table and did such a great job!

The bug beach chair at the head of the table was also Quinn’s idea! 🙂

Cheers to our first Euro Party Night!!

Our party attire included scratch-and-sniff pizza stickers because who doesn’t love to smell like pizza!?

And, of course, Murphy was invited to our party. We gave him a bite of brie cheese, and he must have licked his lips 50 times. I mean, it was a delicious brie!

P.S. Totally unrelated, but I saw this New York Times Custom Birthday Book in an Uncommon Goods catalog and just had to share in case you’re in the market for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. (I’m pretty sure this is what Grandma and Papi are getting!) It’s a book of front pages from the New York Times from each year since the recipient’s birthday. Isn’t that a fun and unique gift idea? FYI: If you want to gift one for Mother’s Day, the deadline to order is tomorrow (4/30)!

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Fasting Gave Me a Better Approach To Maintain My Weight Without Restrictions

It’s Monday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Monday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

My name is Garland Niblett and I am a nutritional consultant and co-owner of Fit & Faithful Wellness. This is my story.

In 2011 I was admitted to the Veterans Affairs hospital and diagnosed with PTSD. From there, I basically gave up on myself, both mentally and physically. I was once a 195 lbs., 3% body fat natural bodybuilder; and then, while I was in the VA hospital, I became a 301 lbs. “unrecognizable” individual. I had become overweight and was even classified as morbidly obese.

Benztropine, diazepam, cholecalciferol, Etodolac, methocarbamol, mirtazapine, amlodipine, aripiprazole, prazosin, quetiapine, and simvastatin. These were all prescribed to me while I was in the hospital. I had plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists but ultimately, I connected with a holistic therapist who helped me accept what happened to me in my past and how to manage my PTSD. Since 2016, I have managed to use only quetiapine for sleep.

By accepting my PTSD, I was able to move forward with my life. My therapist taught me how to be mindful about what was around me, emotionally, mentally and of course, nutritionally. I was more conscious of what I was putting in my body. In 246 days, I was able to lose 105 lbs. I felt great, but I fluctuated with my weight and wanted to find a better approach to maintaining my weight without restrictions. I was used to consuming over 5,000 calories, spread out during the day, eating most of my calories in the morning. During this time, I wasn’t overweight, but I still had chronic pain throughout my body. My stomach was constantly upset, bloated and felt sore from my workouts and daily movement.

Looking into the research on Intermittent Fasting, I became fascinated and wondered if this would work for me. And so, the journey of fasting began.

I started with the basic 16/8, giving up my 2,000-caloric breakfast. I struggled and was a bit hungry and moody but was persistent and did not give into my cravings. Soon thereafter, I was doing 18/6, 20/4 and now, 24-48 hours fasting. I noticed a momentous change with my body composition but most importantly, I felt great. I had more energy, an incredible amount of endurance and basically no soreness or inflammation. I had become Fat Adapted. No hunger cravings, stable mood and plenty of energy. My average blood sugar levels are 64 ml/dl, with mental clarity, balanced hormones, low inflammatory levels and a healthy stress response. My current weight is 195 lbs. and I have maintained this weight for the past two years.

Intermittent Fasting has been part of life now for over two years. Before intermittent fasting, my weight fluctuated from 220-240 lbs. I would have never thought it would be possible for me to run 8-10 miles in the morning and not desire food until later in the evening. No muscle loss but plenty of body fat reduction. I truly believe that fasting may be an alternative for individuals that are seeking healthier lifestyle options, weight loss, better mood and mental awareness.

I recommend intermittent fasting to my clients that struggle with weight loss, type 2 diabetes, and if they have chronic inflammation. I also recommend to my clients that they read The Primal Blueprint and The Keto Reset Diet, which talk about fasting and being mindful of the nutrients you choose to put in your body.

Intermittent fasting is amazing and since the beginning of this year I no longer have to rely on Quetiapine to help me sleep. I am now 100% medication free, thanks to intermittent fasting.

The readers featured in our success stories share their experiences in their own words. The Primal Blueprint and Keto Reset diets are not intended as medical intervention or diagnosis. Nor are they replacements for working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. It’s important to speak with your doctor before beginning any new dietary or lifestyle program, and please consult your physician before making any changes to medication or treatment protocols. Each individual’s results may vary.


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How Grand

We had some visitors this weekend who made things extra fun around here! My parents tried to visit us not once but twice this winter and both times they had to cancel the trip because of winter colds. With a little baby at home, we just didn’t want to risk him getting sick. Especially since snuggling him was one of the main reasons they were coming!

But this time they made it. Birch was excited to see his Grammie!


On Friday Thomas and I had an early quiche dinner and then headed to ACAC for a rooftop party.

It was Chris’s annual birthday bash! Unfortunately the wind was strong and temps quite cold up there, but we still had a good time.

The man, the myth, the legend.

I brought a cake from Foods Of All Nations!! The 26 is because my birthday is his half birthday and vice versa so we share a love for the number 26. I think some people were confused by his age, but he got the joke. I didn’t even think about age when I requested it!


Saturday morning was gorgeous!! Thomas was up bright and early cutting our grass.

We had a big breakfast of eggs, muffins, and grapes.

I went for a run on the greenway during B’s nap.

And then had a strawberry banana smoothie and carrots/celery for lunch.

Grammie and Pea arrived just after lunch and we spent the afternoon playing and getting ready for a cookout.

Grammie hitting a home run!

Nona (Thomas’s mom), Clay and Nash joined us for dinner, and we had a grand ole time playing sports in the yard and eating cake (more cake!) for dessert.

Nash is smitten with his little cousin!

He even did the big job of feeding Birch some prunes for dinner. B was really into them!

We had burgers and brats for dinner with pesto kale salad and Nona’s mac and cheese.

I had half and half.

That cake tho!

Thomas and I watched episode 2 of GOT after dinner. ‘Twas a good one! (But not as good as episode 1)


We had a light breakfast on Sunday in anticipation of brunch later on. I had a yogurt plus a little Cville Cluster Granola.

Grammie helped me put B down for nap with his stories. He LOVES books <3

After showers and B’s nap, we raced out the door for brunch. We walked downtown and landed at The Fitzroy for their brunch buffet. Luckily we got a table outside!

The buffet was great, and they had tons of brunch specialities.

Birchie was so happy during brunch! He decided to eat his foot for dessert.

But just as predicted, at the 1:45 wake time he got super fussy and was ready for his next nap. So I (literally) ran home to put him in his crib!

Meanwhile, the crew took Mazey to Chaps, as promised.

After some quiet time on Sunday afternoon, I left for my soccer game and everyone came to watch for a bit.

Mom and Dad babysat the kids for us to head out for an early date night. We are sad for them to go home!

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