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Baby It’s Cold Inside

Hyacinth flowers in the birch pot Thomas bought last fall are bringing all the springy feels to our dining room this week. The flowers smell sooooo good too! See those little egg bites up there? I have a post coming up about them. They are easy, quick and delicious – the best combo for a recipe!

Baby It’s Cold Inside

You know how sometimes it gets warmer outside than it is inside? That effect was strong all week, and I often found myself going outside to warm up! Inside, however, I had on two jackets, including my Luxe Hoodie ( <– on sale!) which reminds me of something Jon Snow would wear with all that fur up there!

Occasionally I Eat Reese’s

One reason I like shopping at Whole Foods is that I don’t have the temptation of junk food. Yes I am tempted by certain things, Oreos and Reese’s are two of my favorite not-so-real foods. (I have zero temptation to eat Doritos or swing through drive thrus though.) I went into Kroger on the way home from my soccer game on Sunday to pick up some chicken broth for our dinner recipe. While in there I passed the Easter candy aisle. Mind you I had just played two hours of soccer and was STARVING so that did not help! I bought the boys some Easter basket goodies and came out with this bag of Reese’s Pieces eggs – big ones – that I just had to try. OMG – so good.

Sunny Soccer

Mazey had a soccer game on Monday and we were treated to bright blue skies. (It poured down rain during my Sunday game – I can’t remember the last time I got rained on like that!) He scored two goals!

B. Good

Afterwards, we went to B. Good for dinner! They invited us to come on the house, and we had a great little family meal. Did you know kids eat free on Tues + Thurs? What a great deal. And if you can see Mazen’s kids meal back there, it came with a hot dog, a few fries, broccoli, and applesauce. I’d call that a pretty good kids meal to get for free. (And Mazen even ate his broccoli!)

I had the Spicy Lime and Avocado bowl (half) and the Power Play burger (half), shared with Thomas. B. Good focuses on locally sourced ingredients and humane meats, so we will be back again soon.

Boys Will Be Boys

Birch had a playdate this week with his friend H who is just a few weeks younger. Don’t they look a little alike? Similar eyes, same cheeks. Boys gotta be tough, they say!

Fresh Faced

You guys, I swear I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin after using the Beautycounter products for a week. It seems more glow-y and even. I could be biased though, so I will keep waiting and we will let the photos speak for themselves.

I had Emily take some before photos of my face. Now that was awkward! My nose zoomed in 1000%. Here’s me with zero make up on, no filter, unedited. We can compare in a few weeks!

And here’s me with most of my Flawless In Five on! (Tint Skin in Linen // Concealer in light // Blush in Melon // Lengthening mascara in black // Brows in light // + Color Intense Lips in 9 to 5) I really love how fresh and natural the makeup looks.


I finished my iFit French Polynesia program this week! I really do think I gained running ability from the start to finish. Running at 8.0 felt like a full on sprint when I started – I felt like I was going to fall off the tread! But by the end it felt like a fast run. I’d say that’s improvement! I also went to strength class on Wednesday. Feels good to be back!

Pre workout breakfast. And after: a banana with PB!

I love my ponytail after it spends a night in a bun 🙂


I’m still eating quiche (and pita chips) all the time! It’s been my favorite part of Plenty because it’s perfect for both lunch and dinner.

Thomas brought me a Bodos bagel for lunch one day – the usual with salmon, cream cheese, sprouts and cucumbers. If you can’t tell, this one was super light on cream cheese and just was not up to par! Cream cheese is to a bagel as frosting is to cake. The cream cheese to bagel ratio must be at least 1:1 :mrgreen:

This meal from Plenty was 100%! Shrimp, sausage, and veggies over polenta.

We also LOVED the beef enchiladas! With a homemade side salad. These might have been the best homemade enchiladas I’ve ever had.

And for dessert – my sticky little gumdrop! I love how much he loves books.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

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