Friday, May 17, 2019

Hot Yoga + Fudge Brownies

My Mother’s Day flowers not only opened up beautifully, but they smell incredible! I never think of flowers as contributing to the scent of a house (even though, duh, flowers are known for their smell.) But generally I buy bouquets for their look rather than scent. But these smell so good that everyone that has come into my house this week has commented on them!

So this week…

Breakfast sandwich with egg, melted brie, and jam on an English muffin. Now that combo was a winner!! Leftover fruit salad on the side.

On Monday I spent some time making a few recipes from Kelli’s What To Eat meal plans. Kelli is a Registered Dietitian too and she also had a baby the same week I did! The What To Eat meal plans are designed to help you take the guesswork out of balancing protein, carbs, fats, veggies and calories (balance doesn’t always come intuitively) while enjoying great recipes and minimizing the stress of meal planning at the same time. You also get prep day tips and a shopping list.

Kelli is offering KERF readers: 35% off. Use the code KathEats35 for the yearly membership or KathEats10 for the custom plan (ideal for those with specific dietary needs). Both codes will work through May 31.  

Kelli sent me one of her favorite plans, and I made her fudgy protein peanut butter brownies and bacon zucchini egg muffins.

Basically lightened-up fudge made with simply bananas, peanut butter, protein powder, cocoa powder, walnuts and chocolate chips. We loved these!

The egg muffins I had several times for breakfast and lunch. First for lunch with extra zucchini + bacon stir fry on the side.

And also wrapped up in a wrap! I loved that these had zucchini in them – something I wouldn’t normally think to put in eggs but it totally worked. And the bacon flavor went a loooooong way! It was so easy to heat this up in the morning and eat one handed while feeding Birch his yogurt.

The Return To Hot Yoga

I had the extra special pleasure of making my return to Elements Hot Yoga on Tuesday! And I convinced Thomas to take an early lunch break and join me. The class was – not surprisingly – amazing. It’s going to be hard for me to get there regularly since I had to pay my babysitter to go, which makes for a very expensive hour, but it will be worth it every now and then. And hopefully I can get to some weekend classes while T watches the children. (Sound good, T!?)

Relocating The Babe

We did it. Birch is sleeping in his nursery now. I’ll share more details soon! It was nice to keep the lights on in our bedroom while we got ready for bed. We took our time doing a little beauty routine – haha!!

Look at that snuggly boy! The first night was a little rough, but the second night he did great and slept straight through.

Return Of The (Oatmeal) King

I made some whipped banana oatmeal on the stovetop and had it two days in a row. I’m really into cook-once-eat-twice these days! I do it with smoothies too. And obviously the egg muffins above.

Topped with biscotti from Great Harvest and PB!

The next day I reheated it in a jar with blueberries and almond butter.

We’ve Got Plenty

The two entrees I got for mid-week were salmon kebobs with couscous and yogurt sauce, plus a homemade salad. And the most delicious spring tortellini with peas and pancetta! ANNNNDD – two cheesecakes-in-a-jar!! I love that Della is offering some homemade desserts too! (I think I had a hand in that suggestion :mrgreen: )

And this Thai crunch salad was our favorite meal of the week. I got it for a lunch, but we ended up having it for dinner with some extra salmon mixed in. The peanut dressing was IN-credible!

And finally…look at these two brothers play. <3

Have a great weekend!!

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