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Starfruit Limeade Margarita

Tomorrow we get to say “May the 4th be with you” and then it’s Cinco de Mayo! May and September are two of my favorite months because the weather is warm but not hot and generally sunny (KNOCK ON WOOD!) I welcome May flowers with open arms.

Recall that I drank all the virgin margaritas last year when I was pregnant. I like a tart cocktail, so please bring on the lime juice and salt. I really didn’t miss the tequila because I am particular about which kind of tequila goes into my marg. Nothing with any tint of yellow please. Only white! (I wish I was a tequila connoisseur enough to tell you what the difference is, but I just know white > yellow!)

This is the smiling face of my intern Emily, who has been working with me this spring as she wraps up her nutrition program and heads into her dietetic internship this fall. Fact about Emily: she likes margaritas!

About Caribe Juice

Another fun fact: Emily is married to, Luis, the owner of a startup cold-pressed juice company, Caribe Juice. (Fun fact #3 – they had their wedding at the Clifton Inn just like us!) Emily met Luis while serving as a brand ambassador for the company while he was getting his MBA through Darden’s business school. Emily has shared some juice with Thomas and me this spring, and we LOVE them! The Starfruit Limeade is my fav, and Thomas is nuts over the Passion Fruit!

Luis is a Dominican Republic native who struggled to find the unique flavors of the Caribbean when he was attending the University of Miami for undergrad. Caribe was born out of a need to offer exotic and nutrient dense juices to US consumers, while also building and supporting small farmers in the Dominican Republic.

His exotic cold-pressed juice line consists of Passion Fruit, Guava, Acerola Berry, and our margarita recipe inspiration, Starfruit and Lime. Each juice is blended with cane juice, not to be confused with cane sugar. Cane juice is the nutrient-rich cold-pressed water that comes before any of the processing to produce cane sugar.

Emily told me that the Caribe juices make amazing cocktail mixers just as they are, and she recommended both tequila and rum. We decided to make a Starfruit Limeade Marg to welcome summer to Cville.

Starfruit Limeade Margarita

To prep the margarita we used honey on the rim of the glasses and dipped them onto a plate filled with sea salt.

We used one bottle of juice plus two shots of white tequila, split between two glasses with lots of ice and extra lime for garnish.

I obviously do not make many cocktails at home because I have no idea where the ole cocktail shaker was, so we just used a mason jar! #multitasker

Pour, shake, and top with a lime slice. With just two steps and two ingredients – simple as can be.

Starfruit Limeade Margaritas

Using a tart starfruit juice as our mixer, these margaritas are refreshing and simple to make.

  • 1 bottle Caribe Starfruit Limeade
  • 2 shots white tequila
  • 1 tsp honey (for glass rims)
  • 2-3 tbsp sea salt (for rims)
  • 1 Lime as garnish
  • Lots of ice
  1. Coat glass rims with honey and dip into salt spread onto a plate.

  2. Mix juice and tequila and shake.

  3. Fill glasses with ice and pour cocktail over ice. 

  4. Garnish with lime. 

Now you just need some sunshine and a front porch for sittin!


Luis has offered to give away a 12 pack of juices to one lucky winner! Juice will ship on ice within the continental USA. To enter, simply leave a comment (be sure to put your primary email in the email field so I can contact the winner!) with your favorite margarita flavor!



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