Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Old Shirt, New Tricks

When the baby you grew inside of you is big enough to wear your clothes!!!

That was logo number 3 of 26?! I should make some modern KERF stuff for 2019! Here’s a random post of new finds + thoughts!


Have you seen the commercials for this? They are pretty funny with Michael Bublé. I tried one at the dentist and loved the flavor. I was surprised, however, that the carbonation was quite weak. Bubble size goes like this: store brand seltzer >> La Croix >> Spindrift >> Bubly. We like our bubbles extra crispy!

Once Upon A Farm

Birch and I have been loving this baby food brand? Organic, cold pressed and so creative! I seriously could not do better if I made it from scratch. Spotted at Whole Foods + Target. So many creative flavors! The strawberry coconut chia one was so good I had some too.

So many great baby products have hit the market since Mazen was born. B has been eating all kinds of things in his Boon Feeder (which I think is the best way to “do” homemade food right now). Banana, berries, cooked sweet potatoes and veggies. He mashes it and sucks it out. It’s entertainment, education, and nourishment all in one!

Scout & Cellar

Tina has me trying out some Scout & Cellar wines, and I bought a single four pack to try. They are “clean-crafted” without lots of sulfites, added sugars, mega purple, GMOs, and chemical additives. Only downside: they are about twice as expensive as my usual table wines. (You get what you pay for, right?) I have yet to do a hangover test, but I will report back on how I like them. I haven no doubt I will love the wines themselves!


A friend hosted a Noonday party and I ordered these ear climbers. How cute are they!?

Raspberry Breakfast Bars!

My dessert bars became breakfast bars because they are SO GOOD! Perfect little pre-run snack!

Charcoal Bar

Another bar I’ve been enjoying at breakfast time? The Beautycounter charcoal bar! I bought it a while back and procrastinated trying it out because it looked too perfect to get wet. I’ve been using it on my face in the shower after particularly dirty activities or when I want my face to get squeaky clean. Loving it so far! And I took a tip from Teri and after washing my face I use the rest of the suds on my arm pits. Because they could use some detoxing too :mrgreen:

I also bought the foundation brush after seeing several friends use it. I normally apply foundation with my fingertips, so I figured I must be doing it wrong if all the pros use a fancy brush for blending. The jury is still out on which technique I prefer. The brush doesn’t allow you to “feel” as well, but I do love not having to wash my hands after they get covered in foundation.

Brooke Castillo FTW Again

Listen to this podcast. SO good.

Dry Shampoo For Vanilla Lovers

This new-to-me dry shampoo smells like a vanilla sugar cookie!! Works well too : )

That’s a wrap!

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