Sunday, July 21, 2019

What Quinn is Eating Lately [Day in the Life]

You guys might remember that we have always struggled with Quinn being a picky eater. But I finally feel like he’s turning over a new leaf this summer! He tried a handful of new foods on our trip to Florida (shrimp, salmon, red bell pepper, salami, and rice), and he’s continued the pattern since we’ve been back home – woohoo!

Recently, I’ve had fun sharing “timestamps” on Instagram, so I figured I’d share a “day in the life” type post on the blog with a some snapshots of what Quinn’s been eating lately. These posts are always fun to write (and you all seem to like them), even if it’s just a typical day in the CNC household. Hope you enjoy!

5:33am: back to the work grind after vacation — iced coffee with with a scoop of marine collagenNuzest Clean Lean Vanilla Protein Powder, and splash of Nutpods (and a big water bottle, always!)

7:46am: I ate this breakfast everyday on vacation and am still hooked: oatmeal with berries and nuts and seeds (or granola)

8:24am: Quinn’s breakfast: a frozen waffle with maple syrup, apple with peanut butter, and organic whole milk yogurt pouch

9:39am: we had to take Mal’s car in to get serviced #boring

1:36pm: necessary grocery run to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I strongly dislike shopping at two different grocery stories, but we desperately needed to stock up on all the essentials after vacation!

1:40pm: time to cook up some “special” shrimp for Quinn (one of the new foods he’s being eating lately)! The guy at Whole Foods packaged two extra large shrimp especially for Quinn! 🙂

1:58pm: Quinn’s lunch: shrimp, plain pasta with butter, Siete lime chips, applesauce, and milk

4:05pm: family walk time (it was actually pleasant outside, not too hot thankfully)! If you look closely Quinn is running to give Mal a flower! 🙂

4:37pm: a new kiwi crate arrived in the mail! It was space-themed and definitely a good one! FYI: You can get 50% off you first crate with this (affiliate) link! These crates are the highlight of Quinn’s entire LIFE right now!!

4:59pm: early family dinner (including Murph): pita and hummus, dates and peanut butter, and milk for Quinn

6:06pm: more science experiments!

7:46pm: post-dinner snack – the new chocolate cherry RXBAR is so good!

Are you a fan of eating dinner early?

Are your kids picky eaters? Any tips?

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