Monday, August 26, 2019

On The Half Shell

Fall hit Charlottesville hard this weekend. Our temps only reached the high 70s and the air was free of all sticky humidity. It felt a bit like California! I actually wore jeans on Saturday and realized I have only one pair that fits well (due to multiple reasons – old ones wearing out, changing body shape post-Birch, change in style.) Guess I need to do some fall shopping!

Mom’s Night Out

On Friday night I joined some of the other October/November baby moms for a little night out. We went to Mas and enjoyed a delicious spread of food. The smoked tomatoes are my all-time favorite!

Saturday Morning Dance Burn

I really think Chris needs to re-brand my favorite class to an accurate description: DanceBurn, AthDance, Club AthCon. We hopped around for 45 minutes and fogged up all the mirrors! Afterwards I had my favorite Daily Harvest smoothie – carrot + chia!


This Melting Body Balm from Beautycounter smells like coconut and pineapple had a baby with a Monoi flower scent. I am obsessed with this on my arms and legs!

Home Work

We have this weird below-ground window in the basement that was growing like terrarium. Thomas climbed in to clean it out. I cannot believe he just stuck his head in there. Who knows what kind of creatures might be making house in there!

I did a bunch of house work during B’s nap. Any time the seasons change I get the itch to redecorate (aka move things around from room to room) and declutter. On Sunday I worked on Mazen’s room for a while – it was a mess!

Chicken Taco Lunch Break!

Got Them All Cut

Saturday afternoon I got my hair highlighted and trimmed. It needed a good refresh!

Before + After

(Plus Kohv sunglasses!! Subscribe to my KERF Newsletter for a sweet discount code coming on Tuesday!)

Date Night

Thomas and I took Birch to Public for an early, outdoor date night. We know these days are numbered and once he learns to walk we won’t be able to take him out. He did SO well at dinner. We kept him busy with puffs, his dinner, toys and books.

Lemon + Mushroom Risotto!

Late Night with the Crew

After putting B to bed and getting Thomas settled with a movie (he LOVES a good movie night!) I met up with the crew downtown. I stayed out till 11 but only had one drink (below) and sipped seltzers the rest of the time so I felt good when I woke up Sunday morning.

Sunday AM: Egg Sammie + Berries

Sunday Funday

  • More home organizing
  • Some Beautycounter sample sending (!)
  • Some food prepping
  • Windows opened
  • Golfing for Big T
  • Some laundry
  • Lego playing
  • Pick up soccer!!

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